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First past the post ??

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lavendersun Fri 04-Sep-15 16:25:51

Is it me, really?

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 04-Sep-15 17:10:05


Is it me, really?

We have a winner! star


puffylovett Fri 04-Sep-15 17:19:20

Damn grin

Here have some cake lavendersun

lavendersun Fri 04-Sep-15 17:42:58

grin - I have never won anything - too old, slow and just not competitive enough to care .... but cake is always good.

prettybird Fri 04-Sep-15 20:56:09

Shame the app isn't working - this would immediately added to "My topics" smile

Likeaninjanow Fri 04-Sep-15 22:27:02

It's taken me all night to work out how to post. <very dim former app user>!

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