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Any Spanish speakers who could correct a translation please?

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SearchingforSleep Wed 22-Nov-17 13:07:18


Would any Spanish speakers mind having a skim through the translation below and letting me know of any glaring errors please? Thank you ever so much. flowers

Thank you so much for your lovely messages - your drawings are beautiful.
We have sent you a picture of our family.  We live on the other side of the world from you, in England.  Our little girl, X is 7 years old and our little boy, Y is nearly 4 years old.  X has drawn you a picture of herself and Y – she hopes you like it! 
We hope you, E and your family are all well. Please say hello to your family from all of us. Good luck with your studies – we can see from your letters that you are doing really well.
We wish you and your family a very happy Christmas.
Very best wishes,
Muchas gracias por tus mensajes preciosas!  Tus dibujos son hermosas.
Hemos enviado una foto de nuestra familia.  Vivimos en el otro lado del mundo de ti, en Inglaterra.  Nuestra pequeña niña, X tiene 7 años y nuestro niño, Y tiene casi 4 años.  X te ha dibujado un dibujo de ella y Y - ella espera que te guste!  
Esperamos que tu, E y tu familia están todos bien. Por favor, saludar a tu familia de todos nosotros. Buena suerte con tus estudios - podemos ver en las cartas que tu estás haciendo muy bien.
Te deseamos a ti y a tu familia una feliz Navidad.
Muchos buenos deseos,

SearchingforSleep Wed 22-Nov-17 20:32:36

Hopeful bump in case anyone is able to help. smile Thank you! flowers

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Wed 22-Nov-17 22:07:46

Well, I think it looks ok! But my Spanish is practically non-existent not great so I'm bumping for you smile

HolyMerlot Wed 22-Nov-17 22:12:35

I’m not 100% fluent, probably closer to 80%, but it looks fine to me. An actual native Spanish speaker may find some flaws but personally I can’t detect any smile I would have written it exactly as you have done.

Golondrina Wed 22-Nov-17 22:14:17

There are a couple of little errors, but it's perfectly understandable.

SearchingforSleep Wed 22-Nov-17 22:25:51

Thank you all so much - I really appreciate you checking it through for me. flowers Always the fear of causing unintentional offence when you are (very!) far from fluent. Thanks smile

DaisyLand Wed 22-Nov-17 22:29:10

I’m Spanish everything I can say is “wish my dh Spoke Spanish that well” he can barely pronounce beer and thank you :D

itssquidstella Wed 22-Nov-17 22:33:36

Hermosos not hermosas
Que estén bien not están bien
Saluda not saludar

itssquidstella Wed 22-Nov-17 22:33:54

Preciosos not preciosas

itssquidstella Wed 22-Nov-17 22:35:06

Those are the ones that jumped out. Am not fluent but speak reasonably well.

Toohardtofindaproperusername Wed 22-Nov-17 22:37:12

Nothing so serious that it would not be understood ...

SearchingforSleep Thu 23-Nov-17 06:00:45

Thanks Stella - that's really helpful. smile

Postsynapticdensity Tue 28-Nov-17 21:45:37

It is understandable and the recipients will really appreciate that you have made an effort.

However, if you want a more accurate version, here you go:

Muchas gracias por los mensajes tan bonitos que nos habeis mandado. Tus dibujos son preciosos.

Te enviamos una foto de nuestra familia. Vivimos en Inglaterra, al otro lado del mundo. Nuestra hija menor, X tiene 7 años y nuestro hijo, Y tiene ya casi 4 años. X te ha hecho un dibujo de ella y Y - espera que te guste!

Esperamos que tu, E y tu familia esteis todos bien. Os enviamos un saludo a toda la familia de nuestra parte. Buena suerte con tus estudios - podemos ver en las cartas que te esta yendo muy bien.

Te deseamos a ti y a tu familia una feliz Navidad.

Mis mejores deseos/Un saludo cordial/ (recibid un fuerte) un abrazo/ depending on how close you are.

overnightangel Tue 28-Nov-17 21:47:50

Donde esta la playa por favor

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