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Au pair languages

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Babypassport Fri 30-Dec-16 08:34:36

We're searching for an au pair for when I go back to work, and wondering if we should have a language strategy as it were.

Obviously it's not the main reason for having an au pair, but we are thinking that if we manage to get a series of au pairs with the same mother tongue it will help our child really learn the language properly. If we have au pairs from lots of different countries we'll get the cultural advantage and the baby will be exposed to lots of languages but probably not develop a working use of any of them.

I'd really welcome people's views as I'm not sure if I'm being sensible or realistic, or if we're taking the right approach . Thanks

JoJoSM2 Wed 15-Feb-17 00:26:09

You could teach your child another language through au pairs but you'd need to stick to them speaking, reading and generally using that language as the main language with the child. Depending on which language you choose, you could still have au pairs from a broad range of countries and cultures, e.g. with French, Spanish or Russian.

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