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Multilingual Merry Christmas. How many languages can we muster between us?

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MardyBra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:17:15

Without resort to Google Translate, of course.

For starters:

Joyeux noël
Feliz Navidad
Buon Natale

Redtractorwontsleep Thu 18-Dec-14 23:21:16

Nadolig Llawen!

QuickSilverFairy Thu 18-Dec-14 23:23:36

Mele Kalikimaka!

MardyBra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:35:44

Oh! Maybe it would help to have the languages in brackets afterwards.

MardyBra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:36:57

I'm guessing Welsh for RedTractor.
Not a clue for Silver. Greek?

jetSTAR Thu 18-Dec-14 23:41:18

Frohe Weihnachten? (Very rusty German?)

MardyBra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:43:13

Or maybe we shouldn't have brackets and have to guess...

MardyBra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:44:10

I didn't post German jet because I'm rusty too. (3 decades+ since my O-Level)

QuickSilverFairy Thu 18-Dec-14 23:44:15

MardyBra, it is Hawaiin. My family spent a lovely Christmas in Hawaii many years ago, we spent loads of time learning to say this phrase!

MardyBra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:45:34

Aloha and Merry Christmas to you too!

MmeLindor Thu 18-Dec-14 23:47:31

Yes, frohe Weihnachten is correct! I can't offer any more than that, since French and italian have been done already.

steppeupunderthemisletoe Thu 18-Dec-14 23:49:06

Prettige Kerstdagen (Dutch)

sradjestvom! (sorry, needs cyrillic script)

salamat hari natal - go on guess wink

MardyBra Thu 18-Dec-14 23:55:45

Oh Bugger. Now I've got an earworm of José Feliciano singing Feliz Navidad.

Sorry struggling with yours steppe. Presumably something Eastern European for the cyrillic script.

Something middle eastern for the last one?

steppeupunderthemisletoe Thu 18-Dec-14 23:58:29

cyrillic is more obvious than that

not middle eastern

MardyBra Fri 19-Dec-14 00:07:06


Really struggling with the other one. Presumably indo-european with natal meaning birth.

This thread is highlighting my knowledge is pretty much limited to a few romance languages and a rusty German O-Level. fblush

steppeupunderthemisletoe Fri 19-Dec-14 00:09:07

yes it is russian.

clues - muslim country (but not an obvious one) hence the salamat.
It is along way away!

Tanukisan Fri 19-Dec-14 00:11:53


OneOrgasmicBirthPlease Fri 19-Dec-14 00:12:06

Wesołych Świąt!

DramaAlpaca Fri 19-Dec-14 00:12:54

Nollaig Shona Duit!

Lweji Fri 19-Dec-14 00:22:43

Feliz Natal (e boas festas)

steppeupunderthemisletoe Fri 19-Dec-14 00:27:58

feliz natal is spanish?

drama is yours a scandinavian language? Possibly Finnish?

Orgasmic - is yours polish?

MardyBra Fri 19-Dec-14 00:29:55

Yikes! Does anyone else want to have a guess. I need to go to sleep.

My guesses are:

Still don't know for steppe.

Japanese for Tanukisan

Czech or Polish for Orgasmic

Gaelic for Alpaca

Portuguese for Lweji.

EBearhug Fri 19-Dec-14 00:30:02

salamat hari natal - go on guess

Malay. And the one I was going to put, so I'm sulking now. grin

God Jul.

MultipleMama Fri 19-Dec-14 00:30:36

God Jul

Gleoileg jol

Hyvaa Joulua

There's variants of Merry Christmas in Russian and so many Happy New Year" ones! confused;

Schastlivogo Rozhdestva - Merry Christmas.
Srozhdyestvom Hristovym - Congratulations on the birth of Christ (my family use this one grin).
Sprazdnikom - Which I think means Happy Holidays.

steppeupunderthemisletoe Fri 19-Dec-14 00:33:11

God Jul is swedish

Not Malay!!! It is Indonesian.

(Oh ok, Malay and Indonesian are pretty much the same language)

dd2 collected loads last year for a school project, we only asked people we knew and ended up with about 25 languages! I should route out her poster and find some odd ones.

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