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Is there a parlour in your house?!

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Fink Tue 09-Sep-14 15:42:38

I speak English as a first language and I had never, in 30-something years, heard anyone refer to a room in their house as a parlour (obvs I'd read it in books, but I'm talking about real people here, in 21st Century Britain) ... until the last month when I met two unrelated people who both had parlours. Did I just randomly come across the only two people who would use this word or have I been mixing with the wrong sort of people until now? Have you got a parlour or have you got any idea how widespread their existence is?

Both people used the word to refer to a room where they wouldn't usually spend their leisure time when alone (what I would call a living room) but where they would receive guests - there were sofas and coffee tables, that kind of thing.

PedlarsSpanner Tue 09-Sep-14 15:51:08

No parlour

We do however have a Front Room in my parents house which fulfils the criteria. The place where one might install the Vicar on his rounds for example

May be a regional thing?

Gwenhwyfar Fri 11-Mar-16 21:25:30

I see that this thread is dead, but I'll join in anyway. My parents have a parlour. It's probably because the Welsh word (probably derived from English) is what we use for it so then when we translate we get parlour. Sometimes when talking to people I just say 'living room' though as we actually use it everyday and don't keep it for best.
Milking parlour's still in use isn't it?

Giggorata Sun 20-Mar-16 01:05:12

I've got a parlour, but it is used in a tongue in cheek way... to differentiate it from the bigger scruffy room where we usually sprawl about...

AnnieOnnieMouse Sun 20-Mar-16 01:55:15

Both sets of (Welsh) grandparents had parlours, which were never used.
Growing up at home, we had a sitting room, which was used every day.
Now we have a lounge, which used to be used, and now rarely is, as we are empty nesters, Dh and I have a little study each, so the lounge only gets used if we have several people in, as it seems too big - except dh uses it to fly his quadcopter in, much to the distress of my houseplants!

Floggingmolly Sun 20-Mar-16 02:18:13

A "parlour house" is an actual style of house, isn't it? Iirc, it's a house with two living rooms; the parlour being the more formal. But I could be wrong.,,

Wordsaremything Thu 31-Mar-16 19:25:39

I have a parlour. It's tongue in cheek but I like it anyway.
From the French Parler - to talk. A room where one converses, politely.

backtowork2015 Sat 11-Jun-16 22:45:31

I'm late to the conversation but we too have a parlour. It's a garage conversion next to the kitchen which is a neat and tidy sitting area. We named it the parlour tongue in cheek but the toddlers just accept it as that and probably sound well posh at nursery!

Motherfuckers Sat 11-Jun-16 22:53:00

My old neighbours (Welsh) called it a parlour. Could they be Welsh OP?

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