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What do you call these and where do you come from?

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MardyBra Mon 03-Feb-14 15:08:47

PostHocErgoPropterHoc Mon 10-Feb-14 21:26:22

Pumps make me think of americans talking about heels.

harbinger Mon 10-Feb-14 21:27:08

Plimmies or plimsoles. Was at about 6 schools in Midlands and Yorkshire.

Starballbunny Mon 10-Feb-14 21:27:29

Daps mid Wales, my London cousins looked confused and finally worked out my DSIS was asking if they had seen her plimsoles.

mayihaveaboxofchoculaits Mon 10-Feb-14 21:54:04

daps in wiltshire, but galloshes in carlisle in the 70s. thought the other kids were joking, but no, thats what they were called.

simonthedog Mon 10-Feb-14 21:58:14

pumps - stoke on trent

snuffykins Mon 10-Feb-14 22:03:35

Plimsoles. Ireland.

stripes1 Mon 10-Feb-14 22:14:04

Plimsolls- grew up in London.
Know of a teacher who calls them PE Slippers.

Olddear Sat 05-Apr-14 18:07:39

In my part of Scotland.......gutties!

Daps. Dorset

RunnerFive Sat 05-Apr-14 19:52:36

I love in York now and call them plimsolls but when I was growing up in Belfast they were gutties.

Chloerose75 Sat 05-Apr-14 19:53:35

Plimsoles or "plimmys"!

whatagreatname Sat 05-Apr-14 19:57:01

Daps - Somerset

Me - plimsolls, SE England, they also get called pumps here.
My mum - sand shoes - west coast of Scotland.

Never heard daps except on MN

sarahquilt Sun 06-Apr-14 21:54:23

I'd call any kind of sports/leisure shoes like that runners. From Republic of Ireland.

PandasAreDumb Mon 07-Apr-14 17:56:17

Plimsolls, from deepest darkest Essex.

BistoBear Mon 07-Apr-14 18:02:56

Gnashers, west of Scotland

AnnieIncognito Wed 09-Apr-14 18:05:40

We called them deck shoes (Canada) but no one ever wore them because they were, and still are, horrible looking shoes.

Fishandjam Wed 09-Apr-14 18:09:16

Pumps - Shropshire.

Plimsolls - East Midlands

fedupandfifty Wed 09-Apr-14 18:12:04

Daps. South Wales.

NellVarnish Wed 09-Apr-14 18:13:02

Sandshoes - West of Scotland

AnnaBegins Wed 09-Apr-14 18:48:53

Plimsolls to my mum (southern african), pumps to my dad/school (derbys/staffs border) - very confusing as a small child!

Converse shoes were called tackies!

Trooperslane Wed 09-Apr-14 18:53:37

Gutties. Belfast.

Trooperslane Wed 09-Apr-14 18:55:37

Yy gee! Mutton dummies grin

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