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An "awesome" poll.

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MardyBra Thu 30-Jan-14 16:00:33

Do you regularly use the word "awesome"?

And how old are you?

(I have a theory that there's a cut off point around a certain age. And that older gimmers use it only in the context of something like a cathedral or natural wonders which inspire awe. grin )

Lioninthesun Thu 30-Jan-14 19:28:33

OvO - yes, you MUST use the dodgy accent <AWE-SUM!> when you read it as well as say it! Like you, I don't do it in public, unless with a friend who knows I am being a bit OTT.

Lioninthesun Thu 30-Jan-14 19:30:31

I've caught myself saying fab and brill to the builders blush feel like I should skip of shouting 'tally-ho!' over my shoulder sometimes!

Lioninthesun Thu 30-Jan-14 19:33:19


MmeLindor Thu 30-Jan-14 19:33:47

I might have stolen that one from an Irish friend. The nice thing about living abroad is that languages and accents get shared.

colafrosties Thu 30-Jan-14 19:50:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HoratiaDrelincourt Thu 30-Jan-14 20:02:24

Often, especially with the DC, but slightly ironically.


senua Thu 30-Jan-14 21:48:59

I think you will find that it is pronounced 'ossum'. That's what teenagers round here say.grin

It's not a word I use a great deal, unless trying to embarrass/annoy DS.

DuPainDuVinDuFromage Fri 31-Jan-14 10:03:29

It's not a word that would really occur to me...

I'm afraid I do still say "mint" though <betrays Northern, early 90s roots>

VerucaInTheNutRoom Fri 31-Jan-14 10:06:16

I'm 39. I never use it except when DS (4) is particularly enthusiastic about his latest Lego creation and then I will jokingly ask him if it's "awesome" as his wee friend next door (5) says it all the time.

ElaClaw Fri 31-Jan-14 20:00:30

MardyBra - now tell us your awesome theory grin

FolkGirl Fri 07-Feb-14 14:49:01

I have used it occasionally when talking about something that inspires awe.

My exH uses all the time because he thinks he's a teenager. Which is really beginning to piss off DS who is, in fact, a real life teenager.

But then exH is also prone to saying Oh Emm Gee. Because he's a twat.

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