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North London Urban landscapes on canvas anyone?

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suzywong Thu 30-Jun-05 08:44:32

this chap \link{\Stuart Free is one of my favourite painters


(is that how this thread is going to work?)

suzywong Thu 30-Jun-05 08:45:38


Stuart Free

Fio2 Thu 30-Jun-05 08:58:02

arwe you all sentimental suzy?

they are great

suzywong Thu 30-Jun-05 09:05:36

the Holloway Road Odeon is making me blub

Cam Sun 03-Jul-05 20:19:39

I like those of the West Pier in Brighton, before it fell into the sea completely.

That was the view from dh's flat when I first met him.

They're still talking about rebuilding it (?!)

Thanks for leading me to those paintings Suzy, they have an Edward Hopper flavour.

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