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classical music to study to.....?

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MadreInglese Mon 14-Sep-09 19:38:26

Just been listening to Debussy's Clair de lune and found it really relaxing to have on while studying, usually I have to be in silence as song words distract me!

(I am not a classical music boff AT ALL - DD has had the Twilight soundtrack on blush)

What other pieces are similar? If you like Debussy what else do you like?

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks

Radio3 Mon 14-Sep-09 19:56:35

MadreInglese this is exactly the sort of thing I need for this thread! Would it be OK if I added it to the others for my collection? Don't worry if not.

Anyway you could try all the Debussy Piano Preludes - there are 2 sets which should keep you going for a while.

I quite like baroque music on in the background - any instrumental Bach whether on keboard or orchestral would be ideal for studying I think. Try the Goldberg Variations played on a piano (as opposed to harpsichord which might be a bit too much in the foreground as it's quite an insistent sound.)

MadreInglese Mon 14-Sep-09 20:02:54

Oh yes, add it, and thankyou - some ideas on that thread and your post that I'm currently youtubing...

DwayneDibbley Tue 13-Oct-09 14:03:06

Message withdrawn

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