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Walking with Dinosaurs-Anyone seen this?

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Beauregard Mon 10-Aug-09 23:14:16

Is it only worth going if you are near the front?

LIZS Tue 11-Aug-09 10:42:59

in Nottingham apparently they had screens around the arena so you can see the detail of the action.

Clayhead Tue 11-Aug-09 10:48:00

I've seen it, in Manchester. We were sat about 1/3 of the way back and it was fantastic. I would say it would be worth going even if you didn't sit right at the front - the dinosaurs 'lean' into the audience and there were screens, as LIZS says.

ByTheSea Tue 11-Aug-09 10:49:09

We were quite high up at the O2 arena and still enjoyed it.

Beauregard Tue 11-Aug-09 23:29:54

We are going to call tommorrow and see hmmif we can get an aisle seat as last time went to the NIA i couldnt actually put my feet on the floor as there wasnt enough leg room.
The footage of it looks great,not sure its suitable for dd2 as well(3.7)?

freename Fri 02-Oct-09 13:42:55

O2, good seats lower down. We really enjoyed it.
Depends if your DD2 minds dinosaurs and roaring at any other time. If she isn't that bothered it will be just a spectacle but if she's not sure she might be a little scared. There were lots of little ones there and I didn't see anyone really freaking out. We had one in our row and she mostly sat in her daddy's lap for reassurance.

CybilLiberty Fri 02-Oct-09 13:50:52

Wembley Arena, near the front. We soo enjoyed it (despite the woman in front filming the whole thing with her bloody phone and blocking our view) The dinosaurs will blow you away

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