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not sure if this makes sense but just pouring my heart out

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Titania Wed 18-May-05 22:24:44

my heart is like a wilted rose
loving is only for those
who arent as fragile as a rose

my soul is like the fading petals
dropping to the ground like metal
yet somehow still cannot settle

A broken heart, a wilted rose
The weakness in both shows
How the heart becomes a wilted rose

Nothing as fragile as a wilted heart
So easy to hurt and tear apart
A wilted rose, a broken heart..........

lavenderrr Wed 18-May-05 22:27:40


darlingbud Wed 18-May-05 22:28:18

did you write that Titania? Very good - quite the poet. If it makes you feel better then write away. I did poetry whenI was depressed and it helped me too.

Titania Wed 18-May-05 22:28:54


LGJ Wed 18-May-05 22:30:08

Because she finally stood up for herself, way to go Titania

darlingbud Wed 18-May-05 22:32:50

but broken hearts mend with time
stay strong and you will be fine
don't worry too much, the pain won't last
live for today and forget the past...

talk to us, we're here for you
darlingbud and the MN crew
we will listen and help you through
and give advice when you need it too.

(not as good as yours)

Gobbledigook Wed 18-May-05 23:14:42


triplets Sat 18-Jun-05 00:52:27

After Matthew died I wrote lots of poems, they would just come into my heAd, little things like,
Round and round and round my head
endless thoughts of you
round and round and round my head
things we used to do.
Round and round and round my head
forever asking why?
round and round and round my head
then I start to cry.

Just days before his headstone was put on, something that I had so dreaded doing and seeing, this came into my head and this is what is on the headstone.

Our baby grew, our son has flown
away from us, our lives his home
"Fly high my child, fly high.
But know our love....will never die.

There are alot more, all written in the first two awful years. I have them in a special box and haven`t opened it now for 9 long years. Feeling so sad tonight.

Nightynight Sat 18-Jun-05 01:46:00

O triplets - that is very direct. I guess you have been through every shade of grief and back again by now.
can only send a virtual hug, and think of you.

triplets Sat 18-Jun-05 08:58:11

Thank you, sorry if I have made you sad, not a good time atm.

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