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Irish poetess dipping her toes

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Mhamai Tue 26-Apr-05 01:08:23

Hi people, I'm fairly new to mn, this is a little offering from moi, please please please! I beg the critics who know their stanza's bacwords and write to form, judge me not too harshly, I am but a mad woman from a small island, not to far away and must stress I only write for personal expression Anyway i hope you enjoy

Ps cannot figure out centering, please fogive format

Howth Island

Alone she stands head bowed
The deep ocean her silent companion
How many souls have set foot upon her wonderous windswept sands awash with salt sea air did somene gaze in awe of her stark barren beauty

She seems to call to me invitingly
ner promises nor answers
Im both enslaved and entranced
and though armed with ancestorial wisdom
I am as anyone who searced before me
exposed to her silent strenght

moondog Wed 04-May-05 20:24:10

Mhamai....I like it!
Thank you for sharing (and don't flounce!)

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