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Can anyone give me any tips on bargain theatre prices?

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CrushWithEyeliner Tue 13-Jan-09 14:26:59

I want to book to see a play at the duke of york theatre but wondered if there is a cheaper way of doing it that booking direct?

Thanks x

PuzzleRocks Tue 13-Jan-09 20:59:35

Bumping for you.

LadyMuck Tue 13-Jan-09 21:02:18

If it is on before mid Feb then check as to whether it is part of the Get into London offer.

CrushWithEyeliner Tue 13-Jan-09 23:11:05

ah thank you - what is that btw? smile

notapushy1 Mon 19-Jan-09 17:00:41

Try the half-price booth set on its own in the middle of Leicester Square or there's now one @ Brent Cross (see official site) :

Also I find v.useful

Hope this helps!

notapushy1 Mon 19-Jan-09 17:02:13

oops, that should have been

Good luck!

Milliways Mon 19-Jan-09 17:04:48

GetIntoLondonTheatreOffer if it is one of these shows?

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