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Has anybody successfully resold Hamlet tickets now that DT is out?

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Tinkjon Mon 22-Dec-08 18:00:12

Can't believe I forked out £80 to see this and he's not bloody in it. They can apparently try to resell the tickets but I'm not sure that anybody would buy them... has anybody done this?

ChristMarsSleighdy Mon 22-Dec-08 18:08:08

When were you due to see it and who's playing Hamlet now?

Tinkjon Mon 22-Dec-08 18:37:44

We were going on 27th December. David Tennant's understudy is in it now - no idea who he is but he's not David Tennant and that's the part I'm focussing on

LIZS Mon 22-Dec-08 18:44:35

Saw the understudy in Love's Labours' Lost at Stratford (he played the king to DT's Berowne) and have no reason to think he'd not be worth seeing anyway. Disappointing not to see DT though - I was slightly relieved not to have tracked tickets down in the end. Are there any on ebay cos they were over £500 a pair at one point , may give you an idea as ot demand.

Tinkjon Mon 22-Dec-08 18:50:49

There are some on eBay yes, but I don't think it's practical to sell there, this late in the day - plus my friend has the tickets anyway. I wouldn't mind seeing it but it was expensive enough anyway, and I don't want to have to fork out the travel money to London on top (that was worth it for DT but not for anyone else )

I am so upset about, it's not true!!!

islandofsodor Fri 26-Dec-08 16:04:10

Thats just the way of it with theqatre tickets. I once bought tickets for Verdi Requiem with Pavarotti and he was ill. Fortunately Roberto Alagna was fantastic.#

With theatre tickets you buy to see the play not the actor and you could just as easily have turned up on the day and DT not have been in it for whatever reason/

I know its disapointing but I'm sure the understudy is great. I read an article by him in the paper a couple of weeks ago about having to take over the role.

Tinkjon Sat 27-Dec-08 16:24:55

"With theatre tickets you buy to see the play not the actor"

Unless said actor happens to be damn hot

islandofsodor Sat 27-Dec-08 17:03:59

I know the blurb you see. Used to sell tickets for a living and had to deal with many a cancellation/major artist pulling out!

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