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My DD has SN's - would she enjoy The Lion King?

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Thomcat Thu 16-Oct-08 10:41:28

In your personal opinion.

She’s been to see a few shows, The Snowman, The Gruffalo, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Angelina Ballerina at the ballet, Charlie & Lola, a few smaller things etc.

She’s always enjoyed the shows very much, however when we took her to see the Gruffalo, the mouse in the show got all the children to scream and scream louder and louder and then the Gruffalo jumped off the stage and said ‘can I come home with you little girl?’ Cue melt down! That was a few years ago now but it has made me wary of what I take her to. I’ve just booked Nemo on Ice but have made sure we can get out easily if the shark scenes become a bit dark and scary.

She can be a bit sensitive to certain noises, like alarms (not a strange thing or anything), and children screaming en mass, and doesn’t like balloons in case they go bang.

My best friend and DD’s Godmother has asked me if I think Lottie would like to go to The Lion King with her.

Before I say yes I want to ask the opinion of some lovely Mumsnetters.

Have you been to The Lion King? What was it like, was it overly loud, screamy, scary etc etc.

PortAndDemon Thu 16-Oct-08 10:45:28

I don't think it was particularly loud or screamy. On scariness, it follows the film pretty accurately so if she's seen that and was happy enough she should be fine (if she hasn't seen it, may be best to do so first). IIRC some of the performers do enter down the aisles of the stalls at one point, but they don't interact with the audience.

FioFio Thu 16-Oct-08 10:49:25

Message withdrawn

pagwatch Thu 16-Oct-08 10:53:05

I took my DS2 who has profound SN including sensory/auditory issues. He absoloutely loved it.

As Port said - the animals do enter down the aisles at one point but I gently told DS2 before he saw them and actually I think thatws his best bit.
It is a beautiful show - very very visual and DS , who can get overwhelmed by too busy vocb was delighted.
It is of course very far from the Disney cartoon - much more classical and theatrical with beautiful dance sequences.

I would give it a big thumnbs up. If DD has coped with the other shows she has seen she will love this too.

Have a nice time grin

BTW when we arrived at Charring cross DS was very flustered and refused to walk. I called a cab and asked him to take us. He asked if I was "f*ing joking". I then gestured at bewildered looking DS2 and explained. he promptly told us to jump in - drove us as close to theatre door as possible to get and refused any fee.
<<what a lovely day emoticon>>

PortAndDemon Thu 16-Oct-08 10:53:37

Oops, was it loud? I was in the cheap seats and it didn't seem bad from there.

Thomcat Thu 16-Oct-08 11:06:09

Yeah I thought it might be a bit loud and in your face costume wise etc.

It doesn't come across as a calm show!

She does adore The Lion King on DVD but not sure the 2 go hand in hand.

My friend, who is amazing and caring and adores her godchild, has said it so doesn't matter to her if Lottie decides she doesn't like it, she'll just take her out and give her cuddles and take her back in if that's what she thinks Lottie might like and either keep doing that or just take her out and do something different.

But if I think it really won't work there's no point in her even taking her along.

FioFio Thu 16-Oct-08 11:09:29

Message withdrawn

Thomcat Thu 16-Oct-08 11:24:14

Thanks Pag, that's a really helpful post.
I shall forward your comments onto my friend and I think leave it to her but you've made me feel confident in her enjoying the show. Thanks everyone.

Other comments welcome too if you have any thoughts.

TC x

Thomcat Thu 16-Oct-08 11:26:40

Thanks Fio.

Yeah, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Gosh it's hard. Don't want to deprive her and her godmother of something they might both love. But don't want to push Lottie into a situation that will frighten her.

pagwatch Thu 16-Oct-08 11:51:13

It is fun isn't it Thomcat.

I remember sitting at the baording gate with Ds2 when he was about four.
Dh had flipped out and we had tickets for four to Florida and then caribbean and I had honestly no idea if I would be able to get DS2 to get on the plane....

Thomcat Thu 16-Oct-08 11:53:55

Blimey. Well I hope you did get him on the plane and I hope you had an amzing holiday.

FlossGav Thu 16-Oct-08 12:52:02

Hello, I don't often post on Mumsnet, but I saw this and had to respond.

I worked at the Lyceum and spent 6 months watching the Lion King when it first started! There are some loud bits, namely the 'Stampeed' bit, but it doesn't last long.

The costumes and puppets are fantastic, and the show is really colourful. From memory, the characters use the aisles twice in the show- once at the start, and another time (in the 2nd half I think).

They also have (or at least they did when I worked there!) TV screens in the Stalls Bar that show what's happening on stage, so if your DD does feel scared she can come out and watch it on the TVs. (They are only in the Stalls though).

Just ask if you have anymore Q's about the show and I'll try and remember anything else that might help!

Thomcat Thu 16-Oct-08 13:55:48

FlossGav, thank you SO much for posting. I'm so glad you came out of hiding smile You've swung it, it's happening. A thousand thank yous and I shall post again once she's been.
Thank you smile

PuppyMonkey Thu 16-Oct-08 13:58:09

Lion King was brill imho, it made me cry cos I loved it so much. My dd was only three and she loved it too.

Re Finding Nemo on Ice, as I understand it they've taken the scary shark bits out anyway!

Thomcat Thu 16-Oct-08 13:59:24

I cuould hug Mumsnet today.

It just gets better & better smile

deste Fri 17-Oct-08 22:29:46

Lion King is beautiful and the animals at the start is one of the best bits. The costumes are fantastic as is the music, I'm sure she will like it.

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