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Are there any fans of 'The Dude' on mn then?

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EachPeachPearMum Fri 10-Oct-08 16:16:27

that's it....

bleurgh Fri 10-Oct-08 16:18:05

oh god
i miss it
must dig it out man

bleurgh Fri 10-Oct-08 16:19:11

they figured he was a lazy time-wasting slacker
they were right

i heart him

EachPeachPearMum Fri 10-Oct-08 16:20:40

I think DH would like to be him tbh.... he has the look about right hmm just works a little too hard!

smugmumofboys Fri 10-Oct-08 16:22:23

As in "The Big Lebowski"? Or am I being really dim and unhip?

One of my fave films, if so. Great character.

bleurgh Fri 10-Oct-08 16:27:43

you lucky girl peach.. j bridges is my all time top ennertainer

EachPeachPearMum Fri 10-Oct-08 16:34:29

well- it's not so lucky when you need to go anywhere, and it takes him 4 hours to shave and sort his hair out! smile

yes smob big lebowski- article on front page of BBCNews site, got me all nostalgic...
guess what we're watching tonight?

SixSpotBonfire Fri 10-Oct-08 16:36:01

Great film.

Up there in the top 10 in my household, I think.

smugmumofboys Fri 10-Oct-08 16:45:51

"This is not Nam, this is bowling, there are rules."


I actually love the John Goodman and Steve Buscemi double act in that film. There are so many one-liners. Will have to re-watch.

Cheers for this thread. grin

EachPeachPearMum Fri 10-Oct-08 17:00:45

Oh, and the Gypsy Kings' version of Hotel California when Jesus is bowling.... <<sigh>>
I love it

EachPeachPearMum Fri 10-Oct-08 17:02:12

'Everything is a travesty with you' is a quote oft used in our household (we have to cut out the F word now DD is here!)

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