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homeless poet

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sparkle27 Sun 27-Feb-05 18:07:30

One Day (Harry O)

I ain't lonely, I just live on my own
I ain't homeless, I just ain't got a home
I ain't quiet, I just don't say a lot
I ain't alcoholc I just drink what we got
I ain't lost, I just don't know the way
I ain't saying nothing else
Because I don't know what to say
But one day...

Ignorance (Harry O)

It's not a lark sleeping in the park as you go walking by
Though i'm praying for my wings
As you look, with your blind eye.
For who gives homes to garden gnomes
while their brothers and sisters cry
So give us a break for heaven's sake
Becase we're not made of stone
And you know the world will be a better place
When everyone has a home.

Loneliness (Harry O)

What is loneliness, a solo part?
What is loneliness, an empty heart?
Watching the pavement pass under your feet
Homeless people gathered around a park seat
Standing in the queue in the DSS
And a little old lady in a red dress
Busy public bar bathed in cigarette fog
A little old man patting his dog
Locked up church with old grey steeple
Loneliness is a world full of people.

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