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Janni Sun 14-Sep-08 00:56:18

DH twisted my arm to watch this tonight.

I was like 'I totally do not want to watch some dumbass film about a pregnant American teenager doing that 'duh, whatever' thing they all do...'

But it was absolutely brilliant and I would highly recommend it smile

Megglevache Sun 14-Sep-08 01:07:23

oh wasn't it great. I did so heart Juno's mum & dad smile

TeenyTinyTorya Sun 14-Sep-08 01:09:35

It was amazing! I loved that film.

TisaWildLife Sun 14-Sep-08 01:10:42

Oh yes I recommend too.

Absofuckinglutely fab soundtrack

Janni Sun 14-Sep-08 01:15:16

It was just a gem - funny yet poignant. I look forward to watching it with DS when he's about 14. I'm going to be an embarrassing hippy mom grin

Tortington Sun 14-Sep-08 01:16:45

it is totally the best film i have seen in ages

Megglevache Sun 14-Sep-08 01:17:33

I saw What happens in Vegas tonight.

Brilliant fillum. Hilarious.

pardon Sun 14-Sep-08 01:18:09

I wept - buckets

Megglevache Sun 14-Sep-08 01:19:01

Pardon, you soft old poo-bag.

TisaWildLife Sun 14-Sep-08 01:19:23

Is it similar in style Meggle?

Custy that doesn't surprise me. It is a very good film.

TisaWildLife Sun 14-Sep-08 01:20:04

yeah - pardon you are a wuz


Megglevache Sun 14-Sep-08 01:20:26

I was pleasantly surprised, a bit cheesy but very, very funny. cameron diaz is hilarious in it and I don't like her.

TisaWildLife Sun 14-Sep-08 01:34:45

Cam D eh?

Okay will have a look on you reccomendation.

<oh feel your power Meggle> grin

hellish Sun 14-Sep-08 04:27:08

Loved Juno too - music was fantastic.

ghosty Sun 14-Sep-08 04:49:35

Definitely up there in my top films too ...

NorksDrift Sun 14-Sep-08 08:41:57

If you liked the music, how about this for your kids!

ghosty Sun 14-Sep-08 09:19:45

I am definitely getting that for my children for xmas ... 'A is for Apple, B is for Butt, C is for Cat-Butt, D is for Doo-Doo, E is for elephant Butt ... '

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