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Calling fionagib

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pinkroses Sat 12-Feb-05 16:14:01


Can I do you sort your ideas for books into sense?? Where do your ideas come from.....and where can I get a copy of one of your books????

I am a freelance writer trying to write my first novel. I have loads of ideas, but seem to have gotten struck with writers block!!! I thought if I spoke to a writer, maybe it would inspire me again.

I'll give you my you can still keep your privacy (

Hope to hear from you soon xx

fionagib Sat 12-Feb-05 17:11:27

Hi there pinkroses

They just sort of come from maybe one tiny idea and grow as I start working on the book. My last book (Wonderboy) started with my son's obsession with mazes. I wanted to write about a quirky kid who found it hard to fit and and dragged his poor mother round mazes all the time. The idea was to explore a very close but sometimes infuriating mother/son relationship, and also I wanted to write about moving from city to country, as we did.

I think the more you write, the more ideas start to come. You just have to start getting words down even if you end up going back to the earier sections and completely re-writing them.

Personally I find it easier to start with a theme or situation I'm familiar with, like motherhood, or moving house, or child modelling (my sons did a bit of work as babies).

My books are avail on amazon, key in Babyface or Wonderboy. Have a non fiction book called The Fish Finger Years out in June & a third novel Lucky Girl out in Nov (sorry to sound like an advert here!!)

What kind of stuff do you want to write?

Cod Sat 12-Feb-05 17:16:54

Message withdrawn

fionagib Sat 12-Feb-05 17:34:30

wonderboy's a grown up book (much to my kids' disgust!)

off the fags for a few weeks thanks cod
nicotine lozenge permanently in gob tho

unicorn Sat 12-Feb-05 18:33:56

Can I just say well done to you fg, you are certainly on a roll!

Perhaps you can send some of your writers 'unblock' magic to all aspiring novelists out here in cyberland.

btw do you agree with the old saying that 'there's a novel in all of us?'

pinkroses Sat 12-Feb-05 23:15:30

how wonderful fiona. I was busy writing my first novel a few months ago, but my laptop was stolen with all my work on it (notes, story ideas,etc!!) so I have found it so hard to begin writing again. My dh bought me a lovely laptop, but I keep thinking it gonna get stolen again so I can't bring myself to write anything on it. I managed two chapters a few days ago and since then, everytime I leave the house I hide my laptop in my knicker draw!!!!

I too have been writing what I know about, just to get me started....babies and life with a horrid family.

I enjoy horror writing imagination is a bit strange. I am a very big fan of Steven King. I will get there eventually...I'm not giving up, but don't know how to get rid of writer's block. My imagination just seems to have switched off the last few months. I even have an article for a magazine to write, but it's not coming out. At least the editor is being good for now!!!

fionagib Sun 13-Feb-05 10:19:01

there probably is unicorn but whether it gets written is another matter!

poor you pink roses, how gutting for you. That happened in a small way to me years ago, was working on just 17 mag, and the cleaner unplugged my computer and a feature just vanished. But your book - that is far far worse.

One you get started again am sure you'll find it all flowing out, probably better than the version which was lost. My dh works in computing an nags furiously to make sure I back things up. Get yourself a memory stick, looks like a little fat pen, holds way more than a disk can. They you can save your work at the end of every day (some memory sticks can be attached to your keyring) As my dh says IT TAKES ABOUT 2 BLIMMIN SECONDS!! And I feel like a scolded child (but he's right!)

Go on, promise yourself you'll have a chapter written by Friday. I'll be checking up on you.

pinkroses Sun 13-Feb-05 14:31:31

I'm gonna make the effort to get started. Not sure what I'm writing about yet, but something will come out....hopefully!!!!

My dh is very supportive and does back up things I put on the laptop as I always forget

Thanks for your support, you are such an inspiration.

ps...I used to read just 17, brought back memories of my childhood and my Maddonna phase

fionagib Sun 13-Feb-05 16:02:16

madonna in backcombed hair and ripped fishnets era? (at least she was interesting then!)

am stressing madly to meet a deadline with a book, nearly finished, but baggy eyed & knackered...

pinkroses Sun 13-Feb-05 16:09:36

shameful as it is.......that was the era

I hope you meet your deadline (((sending helpful vibes your way)))

Can I be you have an agent?? I was advised to get an agent, but wasn't sure.

fionagib Sun 13-Feb-05 16:53:18

I would def get an agent pinkroses as your novel had a far far better way of finding a home that way. maybe have a look at some agents' websites & see which ones represent writers doing similar stuff to you.

I will make the deadline but it needs another comb through, which I'll do while my editor reads it. Have reached the end of the road with it now, and am in danger of twiddling it to death.

Do you think it might be a good idea to start a novel writer's support group thread - not that it would exclude mumsnetters doing other forms of writing, but the novel seems particularly gruelling, lonely, frustrating and scary and I have found it massively helpful to talk to other people in similar situations. I go to a local women's writing group and they're lovely. (also my dh, supportive tho he is, like yours, he does get peed off hearing me chuntering on about The Book! In fact he looks bleary right now...)

I'll start a thread if you like. I love being in touch with other writers.

pinkroses Sun 13-Feb-05 23:15:55

That's great Fiona. My dh at the moment keeps trying to give me ideas, bless him!!! He's being helpful, if not a bit annoying.

I'm gonna sit down tomorrow and begin writing. I'm just going to write anything and see what ideas come out. I think that's probably the best way to get through this writers block.

fionagib Sun 13-Feb-05 23:27:15

That sounds like a good plan pinkroses. Better than fretting and not actually geting any words down. No one has to see it and it's at least gonna spark off ideas.

my dh is great with little plot problems cos he has a very logical brain and also loves books. Usually tho, apart from him saving my bacon by giving me extra time and taking the kids out etc, the writing part of my life is quite separate from him.

finished the book tonight (have to edit it now) and the wine, irritatingly.

kizzie Mon 14-Feb-05 12:03:21

Fiona - have just read Wonderboy - loved it. The little boy reminded me so much of my DS1.

Have just bought Babyface - I know wrong way round.

Im also a journo but write fiction as a hobby really. Would love to see a thread.

fionagib Wed 16-Feb-05 10:38:23

thanks for that kind message kizzie, I see the thread's been set up, great, just gonna have a peep at it
f x

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