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did anyone watch the sylvia plath film last night?

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tatties Fri 01-Aug-08 12:09:09

Oh I meant to watch this

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Soapbox Fri 01-Aug-08 12:12:01

I did - bags under the eyes to prove it.

I think both of them were tortured souls - feel sorry for both of them in different ways.

I haven't read much of her stuff for years, but it did inspire me to read it again.

mistypeaks Fri 01-Aug-08 12:22:15

Oh I missed that. bugger. I remember reading a lot of Sylvia Plath at school. (we had to) she was very very depressed. Did she stick her head in the oven in the end or am I confused with someone else?
We had a very good English teacher who taught us to understand/fathom out her imagery. Sadly I think he identified with her torture a little too much. He was a very very sad and lonely man. A real shame because he was also a fantastic teacher. He loved his subject and strove to help others love it.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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