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ONEBATMOTHER!!!!!! A you're a dormobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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barnstaple Wed 23-Apr-08 10:19:20

I'm an idiot!! Yesterday I joined the ISIHAC fanclub and signed up to some forum, posted the question and already I've had a reply! (tbh I don't think he's got it right but I might get more replies - I'll post them as they come if you like.) I can't believe I didn't do this before!

^That was Graeme and Barry during a game of "Spellcheck Songs" from the
May 20, 2002 edition of ISIHAC with Sandi Toksvig as guest. Here's how
the rest of it goes

A, you're a dormobile
B, you're so bendable
C, you're a fruity call to arms
D, you're a starling
E, you're exiting
And F, you're a father in Miami
G, you love...? (unclear)
H, you sit heavily
I, you're one-eyed and over-size
J, you're like crack a pill
K, you're so killable
L is your lovely thunder thighs
M, N, O, P, we could go all the way
Q, R, S, T, alphabetically speaking, Eurostar
U made my wife compete
V means you're very sweaty
W, X, Y, Zoo
It's fun to wander through the altabit with you
To tell you what you mean to Moe
(And that's jiz!)

I'm not so sure about the lyrics of some of those, but that's what I

Actually, I think it was earlier than 2002?

barnstaple Wed 23-Apr-08 21:52:58


policywonk Wed 23-Apr-08 21:55:35

This is a tremendously specialised thread.

BoysAreLikeDogs Thu 24-Apr-08 23:08:08



barnstaple Fri 25-Apr-08 23:53:53

policywonk, onebatmother posted a while ago about this, which was sung on I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue (Humphrey Lyttelton, Radio 4). I thought somewhere amongst my rather weird associates/acquaintances/family who all listen to it every week, somebody would remember the words. They didn't, though they all remembered having heard it. I was very excited in a rather juvenile way when it occurred to me to join the fanclub and get the words via them. I just hate to leave ts uncrossed and is undotted.

Anyway, that's what it was about.

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 25-Apr-08 23:56:05

An apt memorial to the Humph who has died today sad

barnstaple Sun 27-Apr-08 09:48:27

Yes, I've had about 25 e-mails via the ISIHAC fanclub! They're doing something on the radio today (Sunday) at 12.

Very sad. I've seen him playing at Ronnie's, and my bro has played with him a few times too.sad

onebatmother Sun 27-Apr-08 15:36:42

OH BARNSTAPLE! Only just seen this! How absolutely brilliant and clever of you - and how incredibly persistent!

I was thinking about it just today, and I'm so cross that I missed the R4 prog.

How very satisfying. Thank you.

onebatmother Sun 27-Apr-08 15:37:18

I think fruity call to arms is my very favourite btw..

artyma Wed 30-Jul-08 21:35:03

Thanks for putting up the lyrics, I think the ending was "It's fun to wander through the Alps a bit with you", does anyone know which CD it is on I want to buy it.

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