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age restriction on theatre tickets

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exexpat Wed 30-May-12 14:23:05

Can I suggest you start a new thread for your survey, to make it clear what it is, rather than attaching it to a four-year-old thread? Also, I think you need to check with Mumsnet HQ before linking to a survey on here.

TheatreBird Wed 30-May-12 14:18:41

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

ticketchecker Mon 17-Mar-08 23:43:57

As a ticket checker I can assure you they will not check. They won't abt an eyelid. I think it is 4+ because it is a proper play not a CBeebies show where the toddlers drown out the show or a panto.

They will perhaps query babes in arms and toddlers in prams, you would only be queried if your DS runs amock and shouts or talks through the whole thing, they might then approach you and say sorry but I think your DS is too young to enjoy this show and is spoling for the other patrons. Thats is the diplomatic way of saying FFS take your brat out of this theatre and let everyone else watch the show they have paid a fortune to see wink.

Can you tell I hate Cbeebies shows grin.

NoBunny Mon 17-Mar-08 23:30:29

They'd never know.

beansmum Mon 17-Mar-08 23:09:10

It actually says that under 4's will not be admitted though. How would they check?

islandofsodor Mon 17-Mar-08 22:47:17

I agree that would be fine.

We went to see the Lion King and they stated that under 3's would not be admitted. However the reccomended age was 7 upwards. Dd aged 6 and a few other 6 year olds were fine, however I saw two hysterically crying 4 ish year olds who had to be taken out.

Similarly they have a minimum age for Mary Poppins due the show's content and scary scenes.

NoBunny Mon 17-Mar-08 22:40:51

There's a difference between their suggested age and who they actually allow in. Most places I've been under 2s are not allowed unless it's a designated children's show (which this would be). So I'd say you'd not have a problem.

We took DD2 to a children's show when she was less than 2 months old. It was for DD1's benefit obviously. We also took DD1 to a show before she was 2, with the manager's permission.

beansmum Mon 17-Mar-08 22:37:17

thisIt looks really good and ds would love it

beansmum Mon 17-Mar-08 22:32:17

I was just about to book theatre tickets for me and ds when I noticed that there is a lower age limit of 4. ds is 3.9yo. Will they actually check and then not let us in?

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