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May I share this with you?

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anorak Tue 23-Nov-04 11:23:21

This poet was a friend of mine who sadly died two days ago.

He wrote this poem for his parents who were killed in the holocaust.


There you are
One hundred and ten today
Living in a cemetery
Unknown to man
An oven speck
On the map of time.

Yet there you are
Beside me
Beyond the bushes
At the tree bark
In a choir
Of glistening buttercups.

Near the forest edge
You lie with me
In tall grass
On warmed earth;
You press my hand
Eternity descends
As it always is.

zephyrcat Tue 23-Nov-04 11:25:22

Thats's beautiful Anorak - thank you for sharing it

anorak Tue 23-Nov-04 17:52:26

Thank you zeph.

SantaFio2 Tue 23-Nov-04 17:53:37

it is lovely

sorry he dies two days ago jan

IwigitcouldbeXmaseveryday Thu 23-Dec-04 20:13:04

Message deleted

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