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Has anyone done the National Novel Writing Month, and does anyone want to join me?

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bumperlicious Fri 07-Sep-07 17:38:53

Has anyone tried this?

I bought this the other day and are tempted to try it in November, though not sure if I can do it with a 3 month old baby. Anyone want to give it a go with me?

coppertop Fri 07-Sep-07 17:52:05

I did it last year and managed to do my 50,000 words. I'm thinking about doing it again this year but haven't decided yet. It depends on whether inspiration suddenly hits me or not.

bumperlicious Fri 07-Sep-07 17:56:57

are tempted? I won't be able to write a novel with grammar like that!

I bought the No Plot No Problem kit, not sure how it works but I am hoping that it will help me find inspiration.

Callmemadam Fri 21-Sep-07 22:11:03

Think I will - have signed up for email alert!

bumperlicious Sat 29-Sep-07 18:59:25

Anyone else joining us? Sign up starts Monday! I'm gonna need some help!

Saturn74 Sat 29-Sep-07 19:02:20

Did this last year, but didn't get to 50K words.
Am signed up for another go this year. smile

bumperlicious Sat 29-Sep-07 19:25:05

Brill, I'm a total newbie to this so will need some serious advice!

rosmerta Sat 29-Sep-07 20:13:54

I missed this last year so thanks for posting about it smile

I will sign up and give it a go!

Bluestocking Sat 29-Sep-07 20:20:52

This looks like fun! I'm tempted.

rosmerta Tue 02-Oct-07 19:07:49

Has anyone signed up yet?

bumperlicious Tue 02-Oct-07 19:17:57

had a look earlier but couldn't see where to sign up.

rosmerta Tue 02-Oct-07 19:47:02

sign up here

bumperlicious Tue 02-Oct-07 21:40:35

Done - ooh I'm excited!

You guys got any plot ideas?

rosmerta Wed 03-Oct-07 13:20:51

I've got lots of ideas, it's just knowing what to do with them wink grin

LoveAngel Thu 04-Oct-07 18:52:00

I'm soooooo up for this!

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