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Witch Wendy is a load of old pants

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FrannyandZooey Thu 23-Aug-07 08:01:51

It is our new story tape. God it is dire.

FrannyandZooey Thu 23-Aug-07 08:02:05

Oh ds thinks it is marvellous.

FrannyandZooey Thu 23-Aug-07 08:06:26

I am glad this topic is as riveting for all of you as it is for me

Pan Thu 23-Aug-07 08:38:11


purplemonkeydishwasher Thu 23-Aug-07 08:41:22

why is it that they love the books/shows/songs that we hate. the things we think are ok they aren't bothered about. they do it on purpose i think,

FrannyandZooey Thu 23-Aug-07 10:16:23

He has got no fricking taste. I have reared him lovingly on a diet of the finest children's culture. And he thinks Witch Wendy is the pinnacle of literary achievement.

FrannyandZooey Thu 23-Aug-07 10:16:48

Mind you he is upstairs playing the accordion now [boast]

so I think I can forgive him

Pan Thu 23-Aug-07 10:44:43

no doubt playing the theme tune to Witchy Wendy! << if there is such a thing......>>

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