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puppydavies Wed 22-Aug-07 15:59:39

anyone here on

i keep dipping in and out, but have been really enjoying it lately, checking out lots of new bands i'd never heard of. there are loads of "if you like x you might also like y" sites, but i find there's nothing quite like rootling through a real person's record collection for finding new stuff.

for anyone who doesn't know, it doesn't just give you the option to type in a band and explore similar artists, but it does social networking too. you can download a program that tracks everything you listen to on your computer/ipod, building up charts of weekly and monthly listens, then finds people who listen to the same kind of stuff, who become your "neighbours".

there's loads more stuff too, you can spend hours and hours on there or hardly any time at all once you've done the inital setting up. each user has their own "radio station" you can listen to, and you have a tailored "recommendations" station too.

so.... anyone else?

puppydavies Thu 23-Aug-07 14:26:45

apparently not

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