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Glyndebourne virgin...

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alycat Fri 03-Aug-07 10:52:23

Any advice for the novice appreciated.

GF and I have been given 2 tickets for La Cenerentola on Sunday 12th August, by another good GFs VERY VERY LOVELY DH.

I love Rossini, can't wait now picnic or restaurant.....

Will my pretty cream/green floral silk chiffon with green silk wrap, shoes and bag be smart enough (I wore this to the Opera last yr - Black tie - dind't feel underdressed then?) or do I need a new frock?

Piggy Fri 03-Aug-07 11:00:36

Sounds lovely to me. You can't be overdressed at Glynebourne so if you need an excuse to buy a new outfit then go for it but otherwise I think what you've got planned sounds just right.

Bink Mon 06-Aug-07 14:30:35

That sounds lovely. Esp if evening performance, though, be sure you have a warmish cover-up - can be chilly - your green silk wrap doesn't sound that warm? (A pashmina the obvious thing here.)

High heels don't work so well - sink into lawns & can be spoilt if it's been wet.

The nicest G'bourne outfit I ever saw was an antique couture-y silk patchwork coat from the 60s, worn just with smart leather flipflops. A sort of modern Ottoline Morrell effect.

littlelapin Wed 22-Aug-07 10:27:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alycat Thu 23-Aug-07 10:42:05

ll, you looked it up!

It was absolutely AMAZING btw, went with good gf, dressed to the nines, in her DHs Porsche and the weather was fab.

Sat on a low wall in the gardens drinking Kir Royales in the sun, people watching. Opera was fab - although prince was a little pale/weak , Dandini was spectacular/witty (Rossinis La Cenenrentola (sp) basically Cinderella) Food was fab too, ate in over wallop and had a 1/2 bottle of pink fizz - decadence, eh?

A highly recommended treat!

Sorry Bink, had dropped off my list so hadn't checked. thank you for your input. Yes took the green pasmina instead and a matching evening/posh cardi - needed both brrr when we left.

Had to wear heels as going with my tallest friend who had much higher heels than I did (blardy giant )have scarified their lawn for them.

Wheelybug Thu 23-Aug-07 10:53:25

ooh we saw this earlier in the season too - was great. Picniced for that one (because we went on our own) which was a mistake as quite chilly and wet but did also see Cosi and was in the restaurant as that one was with dh's work.

You do get quite an eclectic mix of outfits there though - I worked there many moons ago and we used to spend a lot of time costume spotting .

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