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Live ballet in cinemas - Romeo & Juliet

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MissB83 Fri 21-Jun-19 10:56:06

Beautiful show! I found Juliet very moving. Tybalt also a wonderful dancer. Fantastic staging. I always forget how great the music is for the ballet, it just seems right for every single scene.

MaitreKarlsson Thu 13-Jun-19 18:41:54

Yes great costumes.
Shame the season is over now...some good ones coming up next term though

Lisette1940 Wed 12-Jun-19 00:22:23

Just in myself. The costumes were gorgeous. Was watching with a friend who still dances in her sixties.

MaitreKarlsson Wed 12-Jun-19 00:11:55

Really enjoyed this evening and got chatting to my neighbour who knew Matthew Ball. Apparently he does his shopping at my local Sainsburyssmile
Bubbles what did you think of the Italian dancer? I heard mixed reports on his partnering!
Love Marcelino Sambe!
Also like Beatrix Stix-Brunell who was tonight's Chief Harlotwink

Dancer12345 Tue 11-Jun-19 23:52:07

I saw it! It was fab. Saw Mayerling when that was on, and was hoping to see The Nutcracker but didn’t make it. Planning on Coppélia in Dec!

BubblesBuddy Tue 11-Jun-19 23:41:21

Yes! Just got home. I saw it at the ROH in May with Marianela Nunez and an Italian ballet dancer from the Bolshoi who was a late replacement for the RB dancer. Marcelino Sambe had a bigger part and was amazing. He’s going to be a star and is hugely popular with the audience. I’m off to see the Bolshoi in August at the ROH and cannot wait!

MaitreKarlsson Tue 11-Jun-19 23:30:44

Did anybody see tonight's R&J? Such a magical ballet.
Naghdi/Ball are a lovely partnership and the Romeo/Mercutio/Benvolio trio worked well particularly in the dance before the ball.
End of the season - sob

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