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Blue Peter Prom - who has been before?

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ElenyaTuesday Fri 20-Jul-07 18:53:20

I'm taking my boys to the Blue Peter Prom on Sunday for the first time. Ds1 is never keen on new things so is a bit hesitant about it - so what can I tell him to persuade him that he will enjoy it?

Crotchety Sat 21-Jul-07 14:29:04

Make sure you get down to the arena during the Elgar (the last piece) so you are in pole position to get a balloon at the end. They come down from the ceiling. That's the best bit as far as my boys are concerned. And the train ride to get there. The music - well it's not the most exciting thing for them yet! But it's a drip feed. I have just got back from Saturday's BP Prom and although it's not as gimmicky as some of the previous ones, the presentation from the stage moves along faster than usual and the concert is better paced I think. Nothing too long, except maybe the Bollywood segment which is fun but maybe could do with being a bit shorter.

ElenyaTuesday Sat 21-Jul-07 23:01:40

Thanks, Crotchety.

Crotchety Sun 22-Jul-07 16:43:35

What did you think?

ElenyaTuesday Sun 22-Jul-07 18:21:24

They really enjoyed it! Thanks for the tip about the balloons - it was a bit of a rugby scrum to get them!!!! Unfortunately I then had to carry 2 balloons around the Science Museum!

Ds2 loved doing the Bollywood dance moves and was still doing them coming home.
Ds1, naturally, refused to join in - nothing new there.

Crotchety Sun 22-Jul-07 18:44:55

Yes - we had to get our balloons home on the train...And both mine refused to do the Bollywood dancing - 5 and 7 and already embarrassed by their parents...

ElenyaTuesday Sun 22-Jul-07 19:35:46

We managed to get our balloons at far as the station nearest home and one popped by the exit! Typical!

Having refused to do the dance moves in the RAH, ds1 decided that he would copy ds2 doing them whilst walking back to the car................. think that was my turn to get embarrassed .

I can't imagine that dh would have joined in - luckily he was at Lord's watching the cricket.

jura Mon 23-Jul-07 16:28:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jura Mon 23-Jul-07 16:28:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Crotchety Mon 23-Jul-07 16:56:31

I hope the concert organisers understand that the balloons are in fact the crucial issue...

ElenyaTuesday Mon 23-Jul-07 19:25:09

Ds1 has asked if he can go again next year - I'm hoping that's not just for the balloon!

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