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A Line Across His Hand

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Davros Sun 12-Sep-04 20:48:00

by Deborah L. Sardone
Copyright 2000
In memory of Rene and Rita Marcott

The day my son was born the sun shone in the sky. My life would change forever and here's the reason why. You see my son is different, things did not go as we planned, For my son was born with a line across his hand.
A line across his hand, A line across his hand.
Things did not go as we planned.

Because of the line across his hand they said that he would be slow to learn and never read or write. But when he took his first steps, it was a special night. They said he'd never be a man and always be a burden, But he'd show them wrong, it was the one thing I was certain.
A line across his hand, A line across his hand.
When his hand's held in mine I can't see that line across his hand.

Oh how very hard it was to learn to tie his shoe There were days we thought it was something he'd never ever do But then one day he made the bow up right and neat Oh, his life ain't always easy but his victories are sweet.
A line across his hand, A line across his hand.
That shoe lace didn't care there was a line across his hand.

I always dreamed we'd play with a baseball and a bat, but in our life together we jog the High School track. There are many things that he can do and things that he can not. He's much more than the sum total of the syndrome that he's got.
A line across his hand, A line across his hand.
Don't judge who he is by that line across his hand.

If I had the power to change his life I'm not sure what I'd do, But his life has been a blessing 'tho I've shed a tear or two. I love my son more then I believed all those years ago, I guess in this life we do reap what we do sow.
A line across his hand, A line across his hand.
Doesn't change the love you feel in side, that line across his hand.

Now my son is grown and holds a job and has a lady friend, He is proud and kind this message I will send.
A line across his hand, A line across his hand.
They were wrong, I know that now this boy of mine's a man.

NomDePlume Sun 12-Sep-04 20:57:53

What a moving poem...

NomDePlume Sun 12-Sep-04 21:13:02

Yes, I know it's cheesy as hell. Perhaps it's a hormonal thing, I dunno....

Davros Sun 12-Sep-04 21:19:26

REPEAT: Just explaining, I hate these poems and said I would post them all here so they have less reason to appear elsewhere (will repeat this disclaimer wherever necessary!)

coddychops Sun 12-Sep-04 21:20:08

ndp you cant back tracknow!

NomDePlume Sun 12-Sep-04 21:22:38

coddychops Sun 12-Sep-04 21:22:48

NomDePlume Sun 12-Sep-04 21:24:48

I'm off to bed.... Hopefully a decent night of kip will turn me back into the hard-faced cynic I know and love

eidsvold Mon 04-Apr-05 15:12:29

as a parent of a child with a line across her hand - I love this

anorak Mon 04-Apr-05 15:21:01

What does a line across the hand mean?

Blu Mon 04-Apr-05 15:35:33

Characteristic palm (and foot, I think) lines are common in children with Down's Syndrome.

anorak Mon 04-Apr-05 15:48:50

Thanks blu.

Christie Mon 04-Apr-05 17:09:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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