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Went to see The Sound of Music yesterday and cried like a baby!

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JoanCrawford Sun 15-Jul-07 19:54:23

Anyone else shed a tear?

I don't like the film, didn't watch the BBC thing with Connie Fisher. I bought tickets for me and my mum for her birthday present. Didn't have very high hopes for it but I loved it.

When Mother Abyss belted out, "Climb
Every Mountain" I started to get goosebumps then, with it's crescendo, I full on wept!
Then, with no time to compose myself, it was the interval and the sodding lights come on. Had to make out I'd dropped my drink under the seat.

Tanee58 Mon 16-Jul-07 15:36:06

Phew, so glad to read this! My sister's bought tickets for us to take our mum next week as a birthday present too. Is this a common 'Mum's Birthday Present' idea ? I was a bit wary, though I did like the film and saw it 5 times when it came out (but I WAS only 7 at the time!) - haven't been able to bear it since. My DD refused point blank to go - stroppy teenager - but maybe she should have given it a go...?

Anyway, thanks for the review - I shall take tissues.

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