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Les Miserables Concert.....anyone going?

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Calzone Fri 08-Feb-19 09:24:34

I finally managed to book tickets last night.

Going in October.🥳🥳🥳


Very very excited.

TeslaGirls Fri 08-Feb-19 19:46:29

Me me me!! Also going in October with my 2 DDs, who frankly don't seem anywhere near as excited as they should be grin

Calzone Sun 10-Feb-19 08:54:29


At last!
I can’t believe no one else on here isn’t going as the les mis website crashed twice because of the volume of people.

I’m so excited. What a brilliant cast.

TeslaGirls Sun 10-Feb-19 08:58:09

@Calzone tbh I was expecting the tickets to cost a lot more, but they're not bad. I have now got DDs watching multiple YouTube clips of Ball and Boe, just so they can fully appreciate it grin

Calzone Sun 10-Feb-19 09:26:22

I thought the prices were very reasonable too.

They have watched the film of Les Mis and we play the music in the car. I’ve seen the stage show 19 times so I’m familiar with it.

Have you seen Hamilton? Ds knows it backwards and he loved it when we saw it last year.

TeslaGirls Thu 14-Feb-19 15:56:14

@Calzone nope not seen Hamilton although DD2 is desperate to - just can't afford it sad

onemouseplace Wed 14-Aug-19 17:54:20

Yes! Although I only heard about it when it was nearly sold out, so not going on one of the Boe nights.

I'm a bit obsessed with Michael Ball after seeing him in Chess.

Underhiseye2 Wed 14-Aug-19 23:04:49

I'm going on Tuesday. Had to buy box tickets, it's all that was left! What a line up!

Whitney168 Sat 24-Aug-19 22:10:12

Me, me, me ... grin

Collision Sun 13-Oct-19 20:38:32

I saw it last night.

It’s absolutely phenomenal.

Utterly amazing.

Michael Ball was fabulous and I cried a lot.

TeslaGirls Mon 28-Oct-19 20:28:40

Collision I'm green with envy, I go on Wednesday and am just hoping that Alfie Boe is back to full health!

I am going to cry loads grin

Underhiseye2 Thu 31-Oct-19 20:47:08

I thought the supporting cast were outstanding and Marius and older Cosette the best. MB was ok as Javert but there was something missing for me. I felt that AB was going through the motions, obvs an outstanding voice and presence but the acting wasnt quite there. The production was outstanding and I'd go for the box again.

Loopytiles Thu 21-Nov-19 19:07:47

There are cinema screenings too I think.

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