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Burt Bacharach

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suzywong Mon 02-Jul-07 15:52:32

Just spent An Evening With him.




and as one phlegmatic West Australian audience member commented;"Jeez, he's got some songs"

littlelapin Mon 02-Jul-07 15:53:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

suzywong Mon 02-Jul-07 16:03:20

The man is 79 years old! Spry as you like. And oh so much music. He was on stage with his band, 3 of his singers and the local Symphony Orchestra. Just to deepen your shade of green, LL.

littlelapin Mon 02-Jul-07 16:05:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CodHun Mon 02-Jul-07 16:05:41

you haev to go to awustaliral thoguht LL
a bit of a tall order.

littlelapin Mon 02-Jul-07 16:06:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CodHun Mon 02-Jul-07 16:06:55

worryinlgy near

CodHun Mon 02-Jul-07 16:07:09

<wong why have you come over lal jamacian<

suzywong Mon 02-Jul-07 16:07:13

he's doing 5 nights at the Opera House
I 'm quite tempted to trot along there myself.

He started and finished with What The World Needs Now
but it was Anyone Who Had A Heart that made me blub.

JoolsToo Mon 02-Jul-07 16:08:54

Wonderful but personally I'd prefer to see Dionne Warwick performing his choons

suzywong Tue 03-Jul-07 00:26:30

Beggars and Choosers, JoolsToo, I livein the back of beyond. He came here, that's good enough for me.

MrsJohnCusack Tue 03-Jul-07 03:38:59

he cancelled his Christchurch date (I was thinking of going, was with the NZSO, sounded like it would be a great night) and we got Dionne Warwick instead. Apparently she was only on for an hour tops and everyone felt very short changed

agree with suzy on the beggars bit - we go and see virtually anyone who makes it all the way out here in the hopes that if enough people turn out for things, more and more 'names' will come! GOing to see Bob Dylan in August

mamama Tue 03-Jul-07 04:26:39

JoolsToo Tue 03-Jul-07 09:33:26

oh yeah, yeah I hear ya, just sayin'

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