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Best song title ever

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Kewcumber Sun 01-Jul-07 13:04:26

Following on from best lyrics...

Kewcumber Sun 01-Jul-07 13:05:02

my vote would be

Deanna Carter - "Did I shave my legs for this?"

anorak Sun 01-Jul-07 13:15:17

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

Pan Sun 01-Jul-07 13:30:58

Bohemian Rhapsody. Best song title. Best song. Best video. Best band. Best everything. Just best.

Pan Sun 01-Jul-07 14:04:57

just my opinion...not meant as a thread killer........

Pan Sun 01-Jul-07 18:22:32

no, really....

talcy0 Sun 01-Jul-07 18:26:26


lol at pan

doughnuts Sun 01-Jul-07 18:28:00

ds is obsessed with making up imaginary song titles - the latest is 'Solar Powered Horse'

MarsLady Sun 01-Jul-07 18:29:18

Pissed Off - Angie Stone

talcy0 Sun 01-Jul-07 18:31:59

hangover from hell...zodiac mindwarp

WigWamBam Sun 01-Jul-07 18:33:02

There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis

or maybe

I'm In Love (With The Girl on the Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk)

Pan Sun 01-Jul-07 18:34:15

WWB - my you ARE OLD!!!

doughnuts Sun 01-Jul-07 18:36:44

any of Stereolab's songs - for eg' Jaunty Monty and The Bubbles of Silence'

McDreamy Sun 01-Jul-07 18:38:16

Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick

iris66 Sun 01-Jul-07 18:51:15


WigWamBam Sun 01-Jul-07 19:01:10

Pan ... you're such a charmer

janeite Sun 01-Jul-07 19:20:27

WWB - yes the Kirsty McColl one is a fab title.

Snow Patrol yave a song called something like "Pass The Balsamic inegar, quick you fool" which is pretty impressive too!

Also - "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" - The Cramps.

janeite Sun 01-Jul-07 19:20:51

Balsamic inegar - please translate as vinegar

Kewcumber Sun 01-Jul-07 19:48:57

I still think my original one wins (but then I would, wouldn't I)

Pan Sun 01-Jul-07 19:51:23

Kew - one of my friends fav. albums has this on the front....she looking all hot, he sat down on a chair with a beer....this right?

Kewcumber Sun 01-Jul-07 20:06:49

thats right - its album title too

SoMuchToBits Sun 01-Jul-07 20:07:06

My sister's dh plays in a jazz band which features among its numbers a piece called "We have seen the cheese."

Kewcumber Sun 01-Jul-07 20:28:09

mmm quite thats one but still doesn;t beat mine.

southeastastra Sun 01-Jul-07 20:29:22

where are the prawns by the soft boys

CatIsSleepy Sun 01-Jul-07 20:32:02

am thinking...
but in the meantime Take the skinheads bowling by Camper Van Beethoven is a good start...

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