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What did you all really think to Hamilton?

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EachandEveryone Thu 20-Dec-18 11:56:44

Does it live up to its hype?

I saw it last night and it was lovely to see so many young in the audience. Its fab but im not convinced its the best think ive ever seen. The production was incredible and slick but it just went on a wee bit too long for me 😟. I understand im the only person in the world that feels like this😃

bionicnemonic Thu 20-Dec-18 12:04:37

I went with my son (I'd heard the soundtrack a few times) I LOVED it - I want to go again! I found it interesting from an historical viewpoint too. King George was perfect!

Branleuse Thu 20-Dec-18 12:07:48

I LOVE IT. Ive seen it 3 times and im now desperate to see the new cast.

Pashazade Thu 20-Dec-18 12:10:26

Haven't seen Hamilton but felt the same about Wicked. So hyped and many friends who think it is incredible but whilst good the sound balance was off and it just didn't carry me along. Although I do think the music is amazing. But not one I will ever see again. Matilda on the other hand was utterly amazing! 😉

EachandEveryone Thu 20-Dec-18 13:07:58

Im not sure if it was the new cast . I can imagine seeing it in New York would be an entirely different experience.

ClosestThingToCrazy Thu 20-Dec-18 13:13:14

It's not for me. It was too long, not mixed brilliantly so it was hard to heard the words so following the story wasn't easy. He's an unlikable character and I didn't care about him. The person I went with agreed with me. I think, unless you've listened to the cast recording a few times, 3 hours of rap is too much to try and concentrate on. I've seen other rap musicals that have been a lot more effective because they've been shorter.

I really wanted to love it, but I just couldn't. I was much more excited about Fun Home and Company.

Oliversmumsarmy Thu 20-Dec-18 13:16:20

It was very good but there was one actress who I thought was not great and for the hype I thought it would have been all great.

Saw it done by a MT college and it was spoiled for me because the girl who played the same role was much better.

opinionatedfreak Thu 20-Dec-18 13:16:21

I hated it.

Way too "Try-hard".

Highlights of this year for me have been Matthew Bourne Swan Lake & Old Vic Christmas Carol.

Loved latter so much in dec 2017 we booked tickets for 2018 in March.

Inheritance also good.

opinionatedfreak Thu 20-Dec-18 13:17:22

Oh. I forgot about Fun Home. It was great. I was surprised it didn't get a West End transfer.

Theperfectchangeling Thu 20-Dec-18 13:19:47

It bored me OP. You are not the only one! It just seemed to drone on and on after a while, I have never got the hype tbh.

Theperfectchangeling Thu 20-Dec-18 13:21:54

I have clearly found my people. When you admit you didn’t rate Hamilton, most people react as if you have just drowned a bag of kittens... grin

onemouseplace Thu 20-Dec-18 13:26:55

I enjoyed it, but didn’t think it was the best musical I have ever seen. I saw the original casting and thought the female leads were notably weaker than the male ones.

thestringcheesemassacre Thu 20-Dec-18 13:28:40

I loved it. Loved the balance between rap and musical, the energy and all the lyrics were so clever. Going again soon.

MuttleyLaugh Thu 20-Dec-18 13:32:40

Totally smitten by most of it, but found the ending a bit over-sentimental. That hasn’t stopped me listening to my favourite bits of the soundtrack on repeat for the past month though! I think George Washington in the London cast outclassed the singer in the original cast.

RiverTam Thu 20-Dec-18 13:32:44

I'm not a prolific theatre goer (though have unexpectedly been quite a bit this year) and I've never been to a musical, but I enjoyed it a lot.

And the audience was more racially diverse than any other play I've been, by a country mile.

henhelppls Thu 20-Dec-18 13:40:40

I enjoyed it v much. I saw Ash Hunter as Hamilton and he was incredible. Burr and Angelica both awesome too. Didn't think as much of Eliza tbh.

Hellozzz Thu 20-Dec-18 13:43:45

Loved, loved in.
A wonderful production, very slick, high energy and excellent performances from the actors.

Oliversmumsarmy Thu 20-Dec-18 14:08:18

Hehelppls you noticed as well

NotCitrus Thu 20-Dec-18 14:12:28

Really enjoyed it, excellent lyrics, and a good few memorable numbers, but not the greatest staging and I feel no need to see it again.

Fun Home was brilliant, very moving, but I suppose also easier to relate to. And I do get more out of a show when I'm up close.

Lostmyunicorn Thu 20-Dec-18 14:13:47

I wasn’t expecting to like it that much but I really loved it. Didn’t like Eliza though, she sounded very Disney princessy to me which didn’t seem right for the role at all.

Oliversmumsarmy Thu 20-Dec-18 14:15:10

The thing is going to the theatre is so expensive that when I go I expect (given all the 1000s of MT/drama students coming out of colleges every year) actors who can act and singers who can sing.

Saw a Broadway show a couple of years ago.

Mainish character who was supposed to be a flamboyant comedic character. Appeared to have learned the script but that was as far as his acting ability went.
The US has more actors singers and dancers yet couldn’t find a single person who could play this role better

Nissemand Thu 20-Dec-18 14:24:23

In the main I loved it.

Eliza was weak though.

The actress reminded me of Lea Salonga.

Everyone else was amazing.

EachandEveryone Thu 20-Dec-18 14:48:48

Ibabsolutely hated those jodhpurs too. They really showed too much.

CoatTails Thu 20-Dec-18 17:56:00

I preferred Jamie!

EachandEveryone Thu 20-Dec-18 18:12:20

My friend said the same thing!

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