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What's the best play you've seen this year (London)

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stirling Fri 12-Oct-18 10:03:16

Looking for theatre play recommendations and curious to see what others have enjoyed.
I'm not much of a musical fan although my children and I loved Matilda.
Seen so many dreary plays in recent years that I have stopped going to theatre, but a friend is coming to town and we'd like to see something good.
A few months ago I saw 'a comedy about a bank robbery' it was cheesy and just awful. Also remember seeing the Queen musical (we will rock you?) and left halfway.

In the past I have loved Stones in his pockets - intelligent, funny and so well scripted.
Any recommendations?

flugelhorn81 Thu 08-Nov-18 08:43:36

The Jungle was probably the best I've seen recently, but it's just finished.

As a PP mentions, the James Graham plays are great. The Birthday Party was also very good!

squeaver Wed 27-Mar-19 13:18:55

Six is the best thing on in the West End by a mile. Hamilton meets Horrible Histories meets Beyonce.

squeaver Wed 27-Mar-19 13:20:17

Why are you posting zombie threads on Twitter, Mumsnet?

WitchesGlove Sun 09-Jun-19 14:28:12

The Book of Mormon is the best thing I’ve seen in the West End for years, by a mile. Extremely funny and very good musical.

This is going to be unpopular here, but I saw Hamilton, and didn’t really like it, very overrated.

Wicked is okay, good costumes but very overrated.

Tina Turner musical was good.

WitchesGlove Sun 09-Jun-19 14:30:05

Thanks, Squeaver, might go to see Six.

Anyone seen Only Fools and Horses musical?

ShinyMe Thu 03-Oct-19 19:20:37

I bloody love Six! I saw it first time round before it went all viral at the Edinburgh Fringe, and omg it was bonkers and so funny and so good. I saw it again (twice) at the Lowry last year on the tour, and then earlier this summer in the west end. It's just such a good show, and the cast are all fab.

I don't get to London theatres that often, but the best things I've seen this year were Company (my god, that was good) and Six, and I also really liked the Our Town at the Open Air Theatre.

I don't have any London theatre coming up at all - I tend to see theatre things every couple of weeks (I prefer plays, but like some musicals), but recently there has been far less on that I've wanted to see. The thing I've most enjoyed recently was Malory Towers - omg that was so much fun.

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