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Christmas Books

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athomewithkerry Wed 10-Oct-18 16:47:16

Has anyone got any recommendations for a book to buy each of my daughters. I want to buy each of my girls a special book for Christmas. Something magical for my 9 year old to read by herself and something nice for my 4 year old. Any suggestions would be appreciated

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 10-Oct-18 17:38:59

for your 4 year old:

the mouse that cancelled christmas or if you wanted it to be really special, you could get a personalised one

for your 9 year old:
the accidental father christmas

all the best x

SnartyFartBlast Wed 10-Oct-18 17:41:46

The jolly Christmas postman is lovely

averythinline Thu 08-Nov-18 08:17:41

2nd Jolly postman, also Raymond Briggs Father Christmas maybe not magical but a classic...and there is often a show around too
Polar Express - we never warmed to it but is still part of the xmas bookshelf!
Olivia Christmas is another fun one

Sewrainbow Sun 25-Aug-19 22:11:55

When I was 9 (in the 80s!) I loved "plain lane christmas" I don't know if it is still in print, but I still have it. It's still relevant today about making Christmas less commercial smile

ShinyMe Sun 15-Sep-19 18:46:41

Oh oh oh! I came on expecting you to want an adult's book, and I was going to recommend the most lovely children's book anyway because I adore it, but you actually want a children's book, yay!

I LOVE - and I cannot stress this enough - Alison Uttley's Stories for Christmas. My granny gave it to me at Christmas when I was maybe 6 or 7, and I've read it every Christmas since. It's a series of short stories, focussing on magical, traditional lovely Christmases. Some are about animals (Sam Pig etc), there's one about a poor family who have nothing but there's a magical Christmas Eve when the cat and the mice and spiders decorate the house and make mince pies, there's one about a tiny fir tree who has an adventure being a Christmas tree for a few days. My absolute favourite is about some dolls in a Victorian dolls' house coming alive for Christmas Eve. It's just lovely and sweet and old fashioned. It's out of print but there are lots of old copies on Amazon.

ShinyMe Sun 15-Sep-19 18:47:05

Oh. I just noticed it's a zombie thread.

Loopytiles Thu 21-Nov-19 19:09:26

Still a good thread!

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