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Can anyone be a writer?

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Uhu Mon 23-Aug-04 19:52:11

One of the things that I would like to do in life is to publish a fictional book. I have had a story in my head since I was at primary school and I would like to see if I can have it published as a children's book. The problem is that I have never really been interested in writing long stories. The longest book I've written was my PhD thesis for Chemistry! A children's book would be much different because it is not technical and full of experimental information.

Can anyone write a book if they have the threads of a story already and if so, how does one start? What are the key elements of story writing? Basically, I know there should be a beginning, middle and end but what else? I would welcome any feedback and advice.

roisin Mon 23-Aug-04 20:17:31

Uhu - this is the site of a children's author, with writing tips for young authors. But the advice given on plots and so on is great, and very accessible and relevant to everyone. It's a good starting point if you're just starting to think about writing.

If you want to write: do it! But do it for pleasure. Getting published in the world of children's books is very difficult, and actually making any money at it is even harder.


Uhu Mon 23-Aug-04 21:15:35

Thanks Roisin. I agree with your sentiments about doing it for pleasure - somehow I can't see me emulating the success of that great authoress of the English Rose .

coppertop Mon 23-Aug-04 22:03:39

The BBC has a website called Get Writing which has lots of ideas and information about how to start writing. It includes sections on structure, plot etc. There's also a talk area where you can ask for help, discuss ideas, get people to review your work etc. You should be able to find it via Google. If not, there's a link in the Creative Writing thread called "Has anyone seen this?". Sorry I can't do links.

SueW Mon 23-Aug-04 23:10:05

Too late for all that are interested but there was a programme on, I think, BBC London radio, yesterday where someone could win a place on a creative writing course.

People were phoning in with a brief description of their book idea. I missed the end though so have no idea who won.

Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 13:53:43

Message deleted

toodlepips Tue 15-Jul-08 14:59:07

If you're serious about it, and are willing to part with some dosh, you can always go on a course - but they fill up very quickly and always have waiting lists.

The city lit course 'writing for children' in London is excellent and some people have gone on to be well known children's writers.

This one is quite nice, as there is a mixture of those writing for pleasure for their grandchildren and those with armed with degrees in eng lit or illustrators with their eye on the prize.

The arvon foundation also run courses. Courses run more often and also have a great rep.

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