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Garsington Opera : Worth going to? If so, early Mozart, Rossini or Richard Strauss?

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Issy Mon 04-Jun-07 16:04:29

We(DH and I) have been invited by a large law firm to a corporate junket at Garsington. We've got a choice of the following:

"The season will open with Mozart’s charming early opera Il re pastore, ideally suited for Garsington’s natural staging of the loggia against the manor house.

Rossini’s La donna del lago was inspired by Sir Walter Scott’s poem The Lady of the Lake and this will be the first full staging in Britain since 1985.

Richard Strauss' comic masterpiece Ariadne auf Naxos completes the season."

Taking into account the fact that it's going to be a hard sell to get DH to the opera at all, which one is our best bet?

Generally is Garsington fun - I'm thinking a more relaxed Glynbourne?

If I can't persuade DH to go, would it be uncivil of me to suggest an opera-loving friend?

Issy (FKA Issymum)

haarpsichordcarrier Mon 04-Jun-07 16:06:34

can I come
early Mozart would be the easiest for dh I suspect.

haarpsichordcarrier Mon 04-Jun-07 16:07:48

oh and yes, thrice yes, worth going to.
and not bad manners to take someone else imo. opera not to everyone's taste after all

Issy Mon 04-Jun-07 16:27:58

Thanks HC. I agree that Mozart would probably be the most approachable although Rossini has the advantage of being on a Saturday night!

haarpsichordcarrier Mon 04-Jun-07 20:53:45

I find if something hasn't been staged for more than 20 years, there may be a reason for that

Issy Tue 05-Jun-07 10:42:00

Oh - good point. Actually I'm thinking take DH along to a little light Mozart on Thursday night and then, shock-horror, spend the night in a hotel and return home on Friday after a leisurely breakfast. It might possibly, depending on weather and mood, be romantic?!

MrsJohnCusack Tue 05-Jun-07 12:00:55

may be too late here but - I have played in a concert performance of the Rossini and it's really dull TBH

the Mozart will be lovely, much easier on the ear for reluctant opera goers. Garsington is supposed to be fab, and v.difficult to get tickets too so make the most of it

MrsJohnCusack Tue 05-Jun-07 12:02:04

why too late? inability to read there for a moment, talking drivel!

Issy Tue 05-Jun-07 12:06:32

Thanks Mrs JC. The current plan is as follows:

School sports day ends at 3pm Thursday (end of June). Leave children in hands of very capable nanny. Drive over to Garsington to wander in the gardens, listen to Mozart, have dinner and be nice to lawyers doing that sucky uppy thing. Spend night at the Hotel Du Vin in Henley. Leisurely breakfast. Return mid-morning Friday.

Now just how middle class is that?!

I haven't cleared this with DH yet who will probably crater the whole plan by telling me he's got an absolutely-uncancellable meeting first thing on Friday morning. I'm going to have to make it clear that the package includes....hotel sex.

MrsJohnCusack Tue 05-Jun-07 12:11:13

sounds bloody marvellous!

Issy Tue 05-Jun-07 12:17:20

It does doesn't it? We will of course leave Sports Day late, get stuck on the M4, DH will be unable to tie his bow-tie and it will rain, but one can dream!

Issy Fri 29-Jun-07 10:59:42

I just wanted to come back to this thread and say that we went to Garsington last night and it was gorgeous. The rain held off, the gardens were beautiful and Il Re Pastore was charmingly staged and immaculately performed and the mid-18th century costumes suited the setting perfectly. There were live sheep, fireworks, actors flitting through the box hedges and wood-pigeons darting across the stage.

Garsington was awash with the 'Great and the Good' (e.. Lord Carrington), but sadly short on vacuous celebrities.

The soggy grass was very challenging for DH's wheelchair but nothing that a couple of strong and willing men couldn't overcome.


Issy Fri 29-Jun-07 11:02:42

I forgot to mention that DH was 'rivetted' by the performance. He absolutely loved it. Next stop late Mozart I think.

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