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The Ferryman play

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eloisesparkle Sun 18-Mar-18 13:10:26

Has anyone seen it?
If so your thoughts please.
It's on my wish list along with Hamilton.

Pangur2 Sun 18-Mar-18 13:12:22

It's amazing! Go go go!
I went to see it at Christmas when a lot of the actors had a bug; some of them had to be replaced during the actual show. It was still fantastic, even with all that happening! I couldn't recommend it more.

eloisesparkle Sun 18-Mar-18 13:29:06

Thank you Pangúr

bruffin Mon 09-Apr-18 00:33:21

My Dd 20 saw and thought it was amazing as well.

sillywitch Mon 09-Apr-18 00:40:18

I saw it and thought it was really good too. I would highly recommend it! Superb acting, very impressed with the children too. It felt very natural and was very engaging. And I hate sitting still and it's a long play!

OldBandTeeShirt Mon 09-Apr-18 00:48:14

Yes, with the previous cast. I remain baffled at the glowing reviews and awards — it’s an ill-informed farrago of condescending, tired old Oirish stereotypes (republican priest, alcoholic uncle, banshees, nutty aunt with second sight, Irish dancing, people breaking into bits of Yeats, children having nips of Bushmills for breakfast, in fact everyone permanently sozzled, caricatured IRA men straight from central casting etc etc ad nauseam), and it just gets lots of stuff wrong.

I couldn’t fault the cast or the production, but the play is deeply flawed. And rather than having some kind of transporting theatrical experience, the audience when I saw it was just loving the child actors (huge cast of kids) saying ‘shite’ all the time.

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