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Support group for people who did NOT enjoy Hamilton

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ArgosTheDog Sat 03-Feb-18 22:32:52

I left in the interval. Says it all really.

Granted, it was slick and professional. But I felt that was the only thing going for it really.

The music was instantly forgettable.
Much of the 'humour' was just groan-inducing.
The plot was thin.
I'm sure I recognised many of the lyrics from the inside of Clinton's cards.

AlexanderHamilton Thu 08-Nov-18 14:30:21

It also has completely colour blind casting which when it first came out was a huge innovation.

GreenEggsHamandChips Thu 08-Nov-18 14:49:44

Oh yes I forgot that! I loves Chernow's comments when I first saw the cast!! We forget how groundbreaking that was

Oldgranny Thu 08-Nov-18 19:15:22

Very interesting thanks

fernandoanddenise Thu 08-Nov-18 19:25:32

Saw Hamilton last week!
Did not enjoy it at all! Found the music skilful but forgettable.
the performances (apart from Eliza and to be honest Hamilton!) were fantastic! Especially Angelica and Washington.
I just found it hard to connect with. I didn’t feel engaged or have rapport with the story or characters - the sycophantic fans didn’t help. It didn’t move me, I didn’t feel transported which is how I feel when I really enjoy a theatrical experience. TBH I felt uncomfortable in my expensive but crap seat (with a tall man in front so no ones fault) and was just totally ‘meh’ about the whole thing!
OP! I’m with you!

greenlanes Thu 08-Nov-18 20:09:53

Like some pp i am wary of hype so so far have not even bothered to book. I find a lot of new musicals just dreadful. eg I was not that impressed by Matilda. I did take my dc to see Harry Potter and CC 18 months ago. I really cant remember very much whereas I can sing (badly and out of tune) pretty much any musical number from the 70s and 80s and 90s. Is that my age? Possibly. But I do think some of these modern musicals are not very good and because people are paying such silly prices they would rather die than admit that.

janisposh Thu 08-Nov-18 20:15:35

But I do think some of these modern musicals are not very good and because people are paying such silly prices they would rather die than admit that.

Hmmm. I paid £37.50 for seats in the grand circle. Then I paid £100 for stall seats.

greenlanes Thu 08-Nov-18 20:20:25


janisposh Thu 08-Nov-18 20:25:58

Yes, each.

janisposh Thu 08-Nov-18 20:26:54

My point was I'm not lying about enjoying the show. I had cheap tickets initially. If it was shit I would have said it was shit. It wasn't shit so I bought some stall tickets.

PeridotCricket Mon 12-Nov-18 23:41:33

I admired it as a performance. But didn’t particularly enjoy it, couldn’t hum a single number, found a lot of it dull.

pallisers Tue 13-Nov-18 00:52:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janisposh Tue 13-Nov-18 06:44:02

Your friend should do something about their sleep problem. Even if you don't enjoy a show it is a bit strange not to be able to stay awake.

GreenEggsHamandChips Tue 13-Nov-18 06:46:29

I do agree about the female characters. Often not even accurate to the history

polyhymnia Sat 08-Dec-18 13:47:03

Argos, you have another supporter. My husband greatly disliked it and also wanted to leave at interval. I persuaded him we should stay, despite being lukewarm myself, as had spent a fortune on tickets and wanted to see if it improved. The story and characters on which it’s based are undeniably fascinating though.

Talith Sat 08-Dec-18 13:50:58

I watched a few clips on YouTube trying to see if i looked worth it, or if I'd like it, and it really didn't grab me enough.

So I'd side with you OP but in fairness YouTube isn't the same as watching the whole performance! grin

NotCitrus Sat 08-Dec-18 14:27:46

I enjoyed it but don't think it's the best musical ever, and the staging wasn't interesting. The lyrics made it, really - lots of people round me said they were glad they'd come to the captioned performance or they'd have missed a lot of it.

Iamism Sat 08-Dec-18 14:37:18

Have read this with interest. I don't believe anything so hypoed can be that great.

cortex10 Sat 08-Dec-18 14:44:19

We had fantastic seats and I really wanted to enjoy it - but was left feeling quite flat. It was lively and fresh but not stunning.

AgnesNaismith Fri 08-Mar-19 14:20:18

Signing up for the support group....

I found the whole thing uninspiring and fell asleep in act 2. The only part of it I can recall is Hamilton singing ‘Elizaaaaaaa’ in a weird 90s MN8 RNB way over and over again. As a lover of hip hop, R&B and soul I really thought it’d be the one for me.......but it wasn’t.

Also....he gave his son the gun??? Wtf?

WitchesGlove Sun 09-Jun-19 14:39:41

I also didn’t like it, I didn’t particularly like the main character and think he was heroic.

Faultymain5 Mon 10-Jun-19 11:31:38

I was underwhelmed the first time I saw it. I did however remember the songs from it. The second song is a rap and I hate rap. Couldn't believe I could understand it. I didn't like the Schuyler sisters songs the first time round, but noted they were tyring to get a girl group vibe, the second time. I didn't hate it enough not to see it again, but I also think you have to go with the right people.

We had a box the first time, but the view was slightly restricted. Sat in the circle the second time and had a great view.

Would go again and I even have the soundtrack that I'm currently listening to. I'm fascinated by early USA History though, but you normally hear about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Not the most upstanding of men themselves, but still achieved a lot.

I felt Harry Potter was hyped out of all proportion, it grew on me once I stopped being contrary for the sake of being contrary (as my old boss put it).

BubblesBuddy Tue 11-Jun-19 23:45:31

If you like American Revolution history, I can highly recommend a holiday in Philadelphia, Virginia and Maryland. It’s better than Hamilton!

Earlybird Fri 21-Jun-19 22:26:06

Reviving this old thread, as we plan to see Hamilton in a few weeks for the second time.

I think, in order to follow the storyline and catch the nuances of lyric and character, you must be very familiar with the music before you go. The rap lyrics are very clever, but you'd not understand / follow much if you attended the show without knowing what you are listening to.

I think if you went to the show 'cold', you wouldn't enjoy it. If you go knowing songs / lyrics in advance, you 'll enjoy it tremendously.

lsimpson1990 Tue 16-Jul-19 01:14:56

Never seen it, I would really love to though? I’ve never heard of someone not liking it!

Rowenaravenclawsdiadem Mon 26-Aug-19 20:11:44

I’ve seen it twice. The first time I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I actually asked the woman next
to me if she had any clue what was going on.
She didn’t.

Dd2 was desperate to see it so the second time I went I understood it better and enjoyed it more.

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