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Do the young people of today still divide themselves into tribes?

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ThomasTanaka Sun 27-Aug-17 04:40:35

I read an interesting quote today from the editor and chief photographer of FRUiTS Magazine (Shoichi Aoki). who said on the demise of the aforementioned magazine "there are no more cool kids left to photograph."

as one time grunger, I find the idea of todays youth being subcultureless, very sad indeed.

MrsOverTheRoad Sun 27-Aug-17 05:39:08

They do. They have "scene kids" and emos and preppy kids.

True subcultures are rare and new ones are born of social unrest generally.

The true "movement" at the moment is related to gender and experimentation in terms of that.

ThomasTanaka Sun 27-Aug-17 06:11:25

I was told about emo but I thought that it had died out. But gender experimentation sounds intriguing. Could you elaborate.

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