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HAMILTON THE MUSICAL...anyone else as obsessed as me?

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juicychops Sun 15-Jan-17 13:10:47

i recently bought myself the full soundtrack and i absolutely LOVE IT!!!

It is very different to the traditional musicals that i usually obsess over, but there is just something about it and i just can't get the songs out of my head. i am defo going to try and get tickets when they are released

Katymac Sun 15-Jan-17 13:13:16

Got my priority booking code for tomorrow

DD has soundtrack & score & calendar

Ruhrpott Sun 15-Jan-17 13:15:53

Got my code too 😀

urbanturban Sun 15-Jan-17 13:31:58

Got my code too!
We'll be travelling (a group of 10 friends) from Scotland as we just couldn't miss it!

Bea Mon 16-Jan-17 00:11:12

Got my code and firing up all the computers in the house!!

Katymac Mon 16-Jan-17 08:35:53

From the look of ticketmaster we can brose (sp?) From 10


Katymac Mon 16-Jan-17 08:36:54

Browse (sorry)

Katymac Mon 16-Jan-17 10:00:56

Apparently there are more priority tickets than priority who get to start at 10

TheLesserOfTwoWeevils Mon 16-Jan-17 10:02:33

Totally obsessed! I can't get enough.

TheLesserOfTwoWeevils Mon 16-Jan-17 10:02:36

Totally obsessed! I can't get enough.

TwitterQueen1 Mon 16-Jan-17 10:03:14

How do you get priority booking codes?! My DD absolutely loves this and I am desperate to get tickets for her.

Katymac Mon 16-Jan-17 10:21:41

You register in October last year

Ruhrpott Mon 16-Jan-17 15:31:54

I got my tickets. I'm going to the matinee on the 14th June 😀

Dunlurking Mon 16-Jan-17 15:57:31

How did everyone get on with tickets?

Managed to get some for a saturday matinee next January but the "chose your own seat" thing crashed twice and lost my tickets after 10 minutes of waiting for the credit card details to be entered angry In the end I had to opt for the website to select best tickets and am reasonably happy with what we got. Did anyone else think £57 for restricted view tickets and £200 for good normal tickets pretty steep? Felt we had to pick £89 tickets to ensure a reasonable view that wasn't in the gods. That's a huge hit for a family budget in January shock

I've watched all the youtube clips I can find but not got the soundtrack yet - it's definitely worth it is it juicychops and Katymac?

NotThrowAwayMyShot Mon 16-Jan-17 16:01:29

I panicked & decided not to do the choose your own seats thing so I got 4 premium tickets very quickly & easily (though painful on my purse). I could have gone abroad for a week!

I couldn't risk the £89 ones as dh has vertigo.

NotThrowAwayMyShot Mon 16-Jan-17 16:03:27

I am so annoyed that I didn't find out about DMT plus membership. I'd have paid £35 to be able to book from 9am & would have got cheaper seats.

Dunlurking Mon 16-Jan-17 16:31:37

I don't think there were any of the cheaper tickets available for the DMT plus members. I went on before 10 in case some software blip let me try earlier and it would have let me book the DMT tickets if I'd had the correct code, but they were £129 or £200! I was pleased I found out too late about the DMT membership. Maybe I accessed the seats wrong but that's what it looked like.

Ruhrpott Mon 16-Jan-17 17:32:04

I paid £89 for fourth row seats in the middle of the stalls. The 5th row ones directly behind us are £200.

NotThrowAwayMyShot Mon 16-Jan-17 17:34:40

I'm row E ruhrpott. I so wanted Row D!

Ruhrpott Mon 16-Jan-17 17:42:30

Row D isn't premium. I only just realised it's a whole 14 months away and not this June

NotThrowAwayMyShot Mon 16-Jan-17 18:23:15

I know! That's why I wanted Row D as I really coudnt see the justification for the difference in price between D & E.

Foslady Mon 16-Jan-17 19:44:30

Managed to get middle of stalls row b for the Feb half term matinee- I know lots of people don't like to be that close but I do so I'm happy!

Dunlurking Mon 16-Jan-17 20:07:50

I used to go and see Billy Elliot from row B of the stalls Foslady- a really good spot in that theatre. (My son was a wanna be Billy)

NotThrowAwayMyShot Mon 16-Jan-17 20:11:57

It's being completely refurbished so the seating may he slightly different apparently.

Foslady Mon 16-Jan-17 20:28:40

The seating has changed - ticket master plan is different to the other Internet ones but Iooks about the same distance from the stage of the schematic s are scale - ish! Saw Les Mis on row d and that was fine so I'' happy - but more so after what you've said (made the mistake of going on rate my seat or whatever it's called!)

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