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The Nutcracker at the ROH

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megletthesecond Thu 15-Dec-16 21:58:16

Hope someone can give me some tips on this. We'd like to go next Christmas.

Can you remember when the tickets went on sale? I'm guessing they sell out fast so I want to budget and plan ahead

Ideally we'll go to an earlier performance. Are they more relaxed and what is the dress code? We've only been once before, a very casual R&J welcome performance and almost everyone was in jeans.

TIA fsmile .

bojorojo Fri 16-Dec-16 00:26:25

The winter season booking for the general public usually opens around 20 October. Friends booking is earlier. You will need to move quickly to get tickets - I assume they are doing The a Nutcracker next year! I have been for the last two years though and it is an amazing experience.

There is little difference between evening and matinee performances in terms of dress code or being more relaxed! They appear exactly the same to me and I go fairly frequently. Ticket prices vary as to who is dancing and, of course, where you sit. Side stalls are best value in my opinion. I have seen people in jeans in the evening - you really do not have to get the tiara out! Wearing something reasonably smart/casual and comfortable is sensible.

Look at the web site for current pricing. The costumes and staging are superb. You will not see better anywhere else. Have fun!

megletthesecond Fri 16-Dec-16 13:05:49

Thank you. I can clear my diary when they go on sale and make sure I'm at my laptop as soon as it happens. I'll make sure I check the website late summer onwards.

Good to know we don't have to be too smart. Well be getting the train from Hampshire so need to be practical.

8yr old DD loved R&J and has asked to go to the ROH again so I want to keep the ball rolling. I might have to buy her a tiara from Claires though fwink .

9years Fri 23-Dec-16 06:45:21

Hi just seen your post.
Whilst winter season does go,on sale later, Nutcracker goes on earlier. This year the tickets for general sale opened 19th July. If you are coming up to London with a child you need matinee tickets and these go very fast. Mat are cheaper than evenings at ROH, slightly. Nowadays we sit front and centre as far as possible in the Amphitheater. These cost about £70 and you get a good overall view, especially of snowflakes.
Beware of sitting too far to the side in any part of the auditorium as the extreme horseshoe shape means you may not have a good view of all the stage.
The staging is lovely. We go every year. We also tried The Birmingham one last year and it wasn't a patch.
Some dress up, most just smart casual. The little girls usually do dress up,though! I love it all. Christmas bliss.

megletthesecond Sun 25-Dec-16 16:59:43

Thanks 9.

We're watching the rehearsal documentary on bbc two now. Fingers crossed my ticket buying plans will go smoothly next year. 💂❄👸

Lorelei76 Sun 25-Dec-16 17:06:01

I really wanted to get to the cinema broadcast but couldn't as mum was poorly
Last year was amazing, wonder if this year was as good? The dancer dancing Clara was totally wow.

9years Wed 26-Jul-17 08:31:05

Tickets for this year's nutcracker performances go on general sale today, 26th July at 9 am.

megletthesecond Wed 26-Jul-17 09:32:38

We've just got tickets for the Saturday smile. Slightly up in the Gods but it was all that was left that I could afford. Even the ££££ seats were all gone.

9years Wed 26-Jul-17 09:55:31

We've got middle ish stalls circle for Friday mat. The tickets seem to go more quickly every year. We are taking my older brother. He has never been to the opera house so I'm hoping to convert him.grin Have a magical time!

megletthesecond Wed 26-Jul-17 18:22:41

9 yes, I was 1400 in the queue when I logged on a moment after 9am. Had to wait for nearly ten minutes to access the ticket screen. I'm currently in denial about hauling the dc's into central London two days before Xmas send help .

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