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Exercise 9 - an event in the *days of your lives*

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papillon Fri 21-May-04 14:36:52

write a short story or excerpt about an event in the days of your lives

Can be fictious or RL with or without embellishments!

papillon Fri 21-May-04 14:37:53

great spelling there

*days if your life*

mummytojames Fri 21-May-04 15:48:05

i got up this morning 3 oclock this bloody morning james has been ill malcolm has been ill now im ill dont you ever feel like they made it against the law for a mother to be ill i have tried everything to get james back of to sleep cuddles pushing him back and fore in his pushchair leaving him cry for five minutes letting him play on the floor for a short while and finaly two hours later he's asleep in his cot quiet happily so after having a cigerrette i finaly got back to bed myself only to have two hours later malcolm waking me up saying love the baby is awake its your turn to do breakast while i was screaming inside well get his bloody breakfast then
slowly draging myself out of bed to get the baby out of his cot all the time thinking what i would do wih some extra sleep because i felt like death and went into the kitchen to make the porridge after takeing half an hour making this porridge james decided he wasnt realy that hungry and refused t eat a thing and only kept wanting his milk and to go back to sleep so i thought stuff it im joining him and went back myself while i lay there watching him sleep i felt like the most gifted person on earth not for material things but for my family as i lay there and watched them sleep just one thought came to mind i got something to give thats special and i always know i will recieve unconditional and thats love
that was the most special event in the day of my life realising i was the most luckyest and loved person in the world well that how i feel anyway

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