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Coram Boy

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9BeetrootsDancing Sun 17-Dec-06 19:34:08

So very very good.

has anyone seen it?

Book great to and NT show magnificant

9BeetrootsDancing Sun 17-Dec-06 21:07:19

no one seen it then? or care?

sillysausages Sun 17-Dec-06 21:18:18

ds1 has read it and thoroughly enjoyed it so we do care

9BeetrootsDancing Mon 18-Dec-06 10:16:37

go see - it is wonderful

maryhadaharpsichordyeahlord Mon 18-Dec-06 10:22:42

is it for children? from what age?

9BeetrootsDancing Mon 18-Dec-06 10:24:22

I took my 11 and 12 year old. Would not go much younger than that. up to adult

9BeetrootsDancing Mon 18-Dec-06 10:24:25

I took my 11 and 12 year old. Would not go much younger than that. up to adult

Xanthe Tue 20-Feb-07 19:59:09

Went on the off chance to see Coram Boy today, as I had a rare day out in London without the children. It was sold out so I got a standing ticket for £5 and as there were some spare seats when I got inside the auditorium, I was able to sit down in the second half! What a wonderful and cptivating play. The acting, the set, the music, the lighting all were excellent and the story had me in tears at the end. The play comes off at the end of this week, but if it ever comes back I would thoroughly recommend it.

I also combined my trip to the theatre with a visit to the Hogarth exhibition at the Tate Britain this morning, which was in keeping with the 18th century theme. In fact there was a portrait of Thomas Coram in the exhibition. For those of you who might be interested, it takes a good hour and a half to get round with the audio guide.

Finished up with a spot of shopping in Oxford Street (although I only bought clothes for the kids). A real treat of a day, which lifted me out of the usual daily routine of taking children to and from school, going to work, cooking, washing etc. Only wish I could do it more often.

Azure Wed 21-Feb-07 16:16:56

How strange - I also saw it yesterday (though paid much more than £5!). I thought is was extraordinary - very powerful and extrememly well staged. I also found it very moving (I was a blubbery mess by about 15 minutes in) - infact I was so upset at one stage I considered leaving but couldn't face the humiliation of walking tear-stained up the aisle. I'm glad I didn't leave because I felt strangely uplifted by the end. I was shocked to see quite young children there (I swear some were around 7) - I thought it completely inappropriate for that age.

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