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Anyone see the NT Live Jane Eyre?

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lucysnowe Wed 09-Dec-15 14:43:29

It was awesome! I recommend anyone to catch it if it's on Live again or at a local theatre. smile My first time doing a NT Live thing and I was impressed.

DancingDuck Wed 09-Dec-15 17:18:28

No - would love to have seen it. Great username btw. Villette is my favourite.

lucysnowe Wed 09-Dec-15 18:15:21

Haha thanks. It may be on again sometime - via cinema link maybe?

lucysnowe Wed 09-Dec-15 18:15:44

I mean via cinema link it might be on again. Obv it's going to be on again in the theatre smile

DSClarke Wed 09-Dec-15 18:25:17

We went to see it at the National. It is amazing, one if the best things I've seen in ages. Whole company was great but the girl who played Jane was fantastic.

lucysnowe Thu 10-Dec-15 22:39:03

Yes she was and I loved the soul singer Bertha smile

Wordsaremything Fri 25-Dec-15 19:41:35

I'll go against the grain and say, despite looking forward to it for ages, and aware of the great notices, I really hated it and left at the interval. I understand they wanted to produce something that wasn't another bland 19th c costume drama. But this was production was far too self-consciously conceptual for its own good.

There were some moments of fine acting, and fine singing ( despite the wincing song choices) but as a whole ? no. Just no.

J e is archetypal. They messed it up badly in my view.

Garon Sat 26-Dec-15 09:03:37

Really enjoyed it - felt very true to the book, which i love

Timeandtune Sat 26-Dec-15 09:07:15

I have seen lots of NT live and they have all been great . The atmosphere is very like being at the theatre. The best was " One Man and Two Guvnors" with James Corden.
Anyway I saw Jane Eyre with a friend who was studying the book at her book group. I thought it was very engrossing and a fresh take on a familiar story.

Movingonmymind Sun 07-Feb-16 15:45:35

With you on that "one man two guvnors " was absolutely fantastic, so impressed by James Corden. And probably the best NT Live I've seen by far. Worked really well on film. I saw Streetcar Named Desire with Gillian Anderson which clearly was v well done, but filmed in quite a clunky manner, somehow as the set didn't really work cinematically, I thought. Anyone see Les Lisaisons Dangereuses NT live?

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