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Kidsweek Ticketmaster Uselessness

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AliW68 Tue 16-Jun-15 13:27:16

Is there a trick to getting tickets on Ticketmaster's Kidsweek site? The whole thing seems to be designed to send you loopy. I've been trying since this morning to book something and every date comes back as unavailable, which seems a bit weird as they only launched it this morning and I am only trying for two tickets. Maddeningly there doesn't seem to be a way of identifying what if any dates have space so you tediously have to try each one separately. There's also a bizarre security hurdle to prove you are not a robot which involves ticking photos of foodstuffs in a specified category - sandwiches or sushi, say - but the photos are so awful it's really hard to know whether one pile of mess is sushi or a sandwich. I've tried phoning and on one number I kept getting 'the other caller has hung up" on another "there is a fault" and on their so-called customer service helpline if you press "1" for want to buy tickets, you are given one of the numbers you've already tried without success and are cut off. If you decide to pretend you've bought a ticket just for the ability to speak to a real person you wait interminably only to be told that they are very busy and you should call back, goodbye, and are cut off.
I know Kidsweek's really popular and that the system is probably overloaded but a. they should have anticipated that and b. isn't it within their wit to notify us mugs that they are having problems and apologise, rather than to waste our time letting us try repeatedly?

LIZS Tue 16-Jun-15 16:58:51

Frustrating isn't it . My tip is to check back in a few days as they often release further batches of show tickets and nearer the time. Unless you have your finger on the button at 10am the leading shows have sold out before you can complete a transaction.

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