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Poetry workshop

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Janstar Fri 30-Apr-04 10:25:40

Would anybody like some help to improve their poetry? Or even to learn to write it in the first place? With practice it is possible to write poetry without waiting for inspiration to strike.

I will run a poetry workshop if anyone is interested. Please post if you are!

Heathcliffscathy Fri 30-Apr-04 10:27:57

yes please janstar!

Janstar Fri 30-Apr-04 10:36:30

Wow, that was quick, sophable!

What might be a good idea would be that anyone posting here tell me a little bit about what poetry skills they already have, if any, and what they would like to learn.

popsycal Fri 30-Apr-04 13:05:26

me me me me me

Heathcliffscathy Fri 30-Apr-04 13:12:14

none to speak of except that i write it when it hits me. wrote a little (not much good) piece in the spring has sprung thread to give you some idea of my (lack of) skills ...

I am of the less is more school: less words that is.

is this enough info?

AussieSim Fri 30-Apr-04 19:29:26

I want to, but am scared stiff for some reason. I remember I used to write a lot when I was a teenager and have written a poem or two here or there when something moves me in recent years, but ... I've never 'learnt' how to write a poem, or read about how to ... Anyway, count me in as a beginner and I will give it a go!

Janstar Sat 01-May-04 19:40:21

Any more? Don't be afraid, it won't hurt!

spacemonkey Sat 01-May-04 19:45:05

yes please janstar - i really want to take part in the creative writing but haven't made the time yet. Poetry is my favourite form though!

spacemonkey Sun 02-May-04 19:21:02


Janstar Mon 03-May-04 14:52:53

Anyone else? I'll probably do something about starting this tomorrow.

maomao Mon 03-May-04 15:00:36

Might I be able to take part, as well? I would like to be able to write more regularly, as I only write in fits and starts. Sometimes get glimmers of ideas, but am unable to develop them further.

I usually end up just a frustrated blank slate, and thus don't "listen" for those glimmers any longer.

Janstar Tue 04-May-04 15:27:19

I'm starting the first exercise now. If anyone else wants to join in, please do.

spacemonkey Tue 04-May-04 15:34:58


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