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Exercise No. 7: 'A Recipe'

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goosey Fri 30-Apr-04 12:17:33

Recipe for a happy family

Take two well-matured adults
Marinate in wine (optional)
Add a pinch of bottom and leave to laugh and cuddle together in a warm place until well-risen
Eggs may improve the mixture – but not all happy families require eggs
(For a fat-free version it is definitely preferable to leave out the eggs)
Ripe, organic mammaries
Shared happy memories
Truckloads of trust
Lashings of love and laughter

mummytojames Fri 30-Apr-04 00:47:35

recipe for a happy family

take a large dose of mary poppins
one very patiant mother and father
happy children
and a plane far away

put children and marrpy poppins together and gently bond
put mother and father on plane
and leave to settle for atleast a long weekend

Janstar Thu 29-Apr-04 13:04:39

Recipe for a happy family

1 All-purpose husband and father
1 Mindreading wife and mother
Children to taste

Leave the wife and the husband alone to react with the love and patience for up to five years. Then begin adding children. You may add as many children as you like of any gender or size, but to the parents, they must all weigh the same. However, each child must be made to believe that they weight more than the others.

As each child is added, more love and patience must be added too.

You must NEVER add lovers as they cause the mixture to separate and turn bitter.

papillon Thu 29-Apr-04 08:01:29

2 singing voices of dubious nature
1 childrens futon mattress
1 extremely large bed
1 sling
1 squeaky frog for the bath
2 mammory glands of slightly different weight and size
books to taste

put in one house with a good sprinkling of kisses
et voila, you have the papillon family mix

AussieSim Wed 28-Apr-04 12:57:59

120kg man from nice functional family
65kg resilient and loving woman
11kg baby boy with easy going temperament
15yo cat that miraculously adapts to young children
3mth plan to return to God's Own Country

Take the man and the woman and ensure that on the little time they are together that they are communicating really openly. Add the baby boy to the mixture, ensuring that he sleeps through the night and gobbles up his food, but be aware of eczema which can arise from time to time from this combination. Check that cat is well and has the appropriate vacinations to return to GOC. Then tackle removal plan little by little till all comes together in a smooth and pliable form. Pop the household goods on a ship for 8 weeks and the family (incl cat) on a plane for 24 hours (if you have chosen to fly direct) and within 2 to 3 months all should be happy families.

Chef's Tip: Make sure you ask for plenty of help to unpack household items at the other end.

Heathcliffscathy Wed 28-Apr-04 10:05:51

a tonne of self-esteem
a tonne of love
a tonne of communication
a tonne of acceptance
a quart of hard work
3 quarts of fun
a generous handful of truth
a pinch of inspiration
a sprinkle of serendipity

Combine all the ingredients and leave to rest in a relaxed and positive environment. a happy good life will be yours.

AussieSim Wed 28-Apr-04 09:59:13

Write a recipe for 'a happy family' or 'a good life'

You know - in the format of 1st listing the ingredients and then describing how they should be combined and cooked to create a great dish.

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